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Dubai Hills, Glass Dominated Modern Villa Project

Dubai Hills, Glass Dominated Modern Villa Project
Dubai Hills, Glass Dominated Modern Villa Project

This villa is a modern design privilege that  was paired with extreme creativity and intuition with precise accuracy to provide a phenomenon of enduring beauty within every corner that will enchant anyone by its beauty in Dubai Hills. The glass-dominated villa is the fruit of vibrant dreams of its clients and unique taste of Algedra designers. 

Completion of the exclusive estate has shown us that such a design can synchronize well with its surroundings, while creating a stunning visual space, and use of high-quality,  versatile materials put balance between the internal and external part of the home.

Every single detail of this gorgeous villa is the simple composition of bringing the outside view through the entrance to the interior enhancing connection with natural refinement to catch deep relation with its surroundings.

Staircases display a wonderful combination of steel and marble through the first floor to the basement with mesmerizing lighting details, and widening the interior to catch spatial stimuli. Overall soothing vibe of wood details in lighting brings individuals into feelings of tranquility. Modern front glass facade is supported with wooden-details, and black marble with white completes the aesthetic look of the villa exterior. 

Expansive windows in the family sitting room allow natural light to flow throughout the space and provide a full panoramic view of the garden. Paintings and artworks in the bathroom, and specific spots in the villa interior help to perceive the artisan character of the homeowner. Piano and its replacement in the living room prevails a nice atmosphere for the dinner nights to welcome guests.

Open plan majlis contains a dining room that each detail keeps the place simple yet chic.

Landscape design is concluded with a BBQ, pool and outdoor seating area.  Office interior is designed with a simplistic perspective and wide windows in the space help to see the landscape and park view. Guest bedroom is small yet uses materials such as a solid wooden-wardrobe and light hues to avail the wideness of the room, and many more fulfilled the owner's dream into reality.

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