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Simple Minimal Apartment Design in Al Habtoor City

Simple Minimal Apartment Design in Al Habtoor City
Simple Minimal Apartment Design in Al Habtoor City

Al Habtoor City is one stellar destination with magnificent views in Dubai, UAE, and offers an upscale oasis. 

Towering above the Al Habtoor City center, this Dubai apartment designed by Algedra comprises modern, minimal and simple rooms, excellent interior design, and more serene ambiance.

The project covers furnishing and interior design work. We’ve offered an absolute solution to our customer of turning a mundane house into a home of its owner's dreams.

Algedra designers started the renovation and designing process with accurate plans. Open plan living room has helped to create a deep connection between the dining room, kitchen and living area. Use of bright hues provided a more spacious ambiance and widened the small space. These touches gave to space an aesthetic look and improved the comfortability by implementing quality materials. 

White marble dining table reinforces while enhancing minimal elements with the console and accessories next to it. 

Night lightning and frameless mirror details in the guest bedroom have a strong sense of custom style and reflect the character of its homeowner. The sleek grayscale color adds elegance and sumptuous with layers of linens in the master bedroom and blends right in with an accent pillow for a smooth, easy aesthetic.

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