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Classic Islamic Villa Design in Sharjah by Algedra
Classic Islamic Villa Design in Sharjah by Algedra

Architectural and interior design company Algedra combines classic islamic touches by captivating harmonious details of oriental style in this villa design at Sharjah, UAE.

The villa greets the eye with its arabesque cladding on glass of the entrance door, and pillar-supported dome at front facade by timeless and spectacular exterior design to the opulence of its interiors.

We have designed the villa on the basis of Islamic architecture and exudes an air of privacy, modesty as well as hospitality.

It is a great representation of our client’s needs and requirements, which you can see clearly that our client echoes his longing for the serene and calm ambiance of the early morning sunrises with our clever touches and innovative approaches that our designers and architects added.

The interior design is the reflection of Islamic culture expanded through the exterior; the coherence of an excellent design for creative views with Arabic carvings, bright hues and use of polished yet customized marbles add a spiritual vibe to the villa where the ageless Arabic culture is handed down from one generation to the next.

Large square and arched windows add sparkling drama during the day due to the magnificent reflection of daylight onto the entrance façade.

This is where Algedra shows its vision of invincible craftsmanship for the villa design project!

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