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algedra success 2017

2017 - A year of success and achievement 


Let's have a brief look at all the successful achievements for Algedra in 2017

  • Celebrating the first anniversary of Istanbul branch foundation
  • Algedra applies the final touches of “خليل الرحمن” Mosque decoration
  • Developing our offices around the globe
  • Algedra renews membership with the Professional Designers Association 2017
  • Algedra’s exceptional participation in Index 2017
  • The previews of E. Tarek Skaik on TV channels
  • Anniversary celebration of Algedra group’s “Team Day”
  • The previews of E. Fuad Ayuob, Head of projects and fit-out department
  • Launching Algedra’s week for Innovation and development
  • We have fully completed over than 200 residential projects
  • And we will continue creating uniqueness and beauty wherever we may be.