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Algedra Awarded Appreciation

With its many years of experience, Algedra has always made a name for itself by satisfying its customers and by designing projects of villas, palaces, commercials, shopping malls and many other projects.

It has always expanded its works as one of the best interior design and decoration companies in the Middle East and beyond, with its employees coming together from all cultures. It continues to serve customers from all over the world with its interior design, malls, commercial,retail,hospitality and exterior design projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Fujeirah, GCC countries, London, New York and Istanbul.

This success has been awarded with many awards. Lifelong learning fascinates those who see it with its luxurious and unique projects by considering the environmental effects.

Our awarding at the 'Sayidaty Exhibition' held in UAE Fujairah is an indication of this. It leads us to the success of the exhibition as a result of our exhibition works that we have acted as an active participant and our efforts combined with the projects we have prepared very tightly and Algedra Interior Design has been awarded In ‘Sayidaty Exhibition’, was held in Fujairah, UAE. We are the active participant, our efforts lead us to the success of the exhibition.

Being deemed worthy of such an award is an example that we are on the right track and we try to keep our customers' pleasure at the top.

It makes us happy to see the successes of our company, which it founded in 2003, and to be successful with our London, New York, Istanbul and Dubai branches.

Contact us to be a part of this family and to have a villa with the most beautiful interior design and decoration in the world. Let's make your dream project a reality. Your dreams deserve to come true wherever you are.