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Algedra- Beauty crafting legend

Challenge acceptance is a brand we hold the dearest here at Algedra group, it shined brightly on the index 2017 exhibition held in Dubai.

In only 3 short days, Algedra team of specialists managed to achieve the perfection of building up a master piece of elegance on a 96-square foot area, putting it together needed a great deal of effort considering the level of art work we had to accomplish through the limitation of time.

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Our bright achievement was complemented with the visiting of our dear clients adding up the spirit of happiness and satisfaction to stand we made which became a beacon in the exhibition as people kept coming to witness the level of creativity we have reached.

Inspired by the greatness of Andalusian’s culture, artistically mashed up with the comfort and intelligence of the modern life style furniture.

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Roll your eyes around and feel the harmony of splendor and modernity of black and white coloring the Islamic design arcs blessed with the touch of gold hymning to the glorious days of Andalusia.

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Gaze upon the brilliance of the using our logo in the center of the roof, and notice its imitation spreading on the dark black marble floor inflecting it with an antique smart touch of art.

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