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ALGEDRA Group CEO announces joining United Nations GC and Commitment to its 10 principles

In present high pace environment in order to succeed and contribute to social wellbeing operating and creating a sustainable business is crucial. United Nations Global Compact is the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative and today we are honored to announce joining this initiative.- CEO of Algedra Group Mr Mohab Ayoub says.

With a clear future vision and mission of the company we are taking our social responsibility very seriously, and joining United Nations and Committing to its 10 principles is just another step justifying the cause of our business nature and the impact we bring to society and our surrounding.

From the first days of Algedra Group existence and through the years with it expansion and growth, strategies and operations were incorporated with strong believes in our actions that aligns with universal principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and taking actions to enhance societies wellbeing- which is a core of United Nations Global Compact. And committing to it 10 principles will help the company to reinforce the actions and participation through within.

We have a multicultural team coming from different backgrounds and nationalities yet having a unity in passion and enthusiasm towards the work.

In order to ensure that every project goes in the right hands, we have chosen our team with great expert advice. A combination of creative minds and efficient experience brings out a classical yet marvelous team and that’s what we have at ALGEDRA.

We aim to build strong relationships with our clients through strong communications and hard work. We have impressed the Middle East with our astounding and innovative designs and ideas. Creating a perfect combination of customer’s style and our expert interiors Dubai designers was a huge task and we succeeded in gaining confidence and trust in business among customers, employees and the public.

In fulfilling ambition to stay on the top we understand the importance of development, training and innovation. Nowadays, applying new methods that enhance the employee experience is more important than company income and profit.

Being a social minded company we try our best to help those in need and philanthropy is an important part for us in making difference in our community.

While building the trust of our clients and public we choose our partners in business with care, making sure their ways of operation matches our high business ethics.

We are mobilizing our recourses towards sustainable development goals by committing and taking shared responsibility for achieving a better world.- Mr Mohab Ayoub declares in his statement.