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algedra team building activity

It was most delightful that 2016 Ramadan iftar dinner was held at the Big Bite restaurant in Istanbul by Algedra group. hosting the event by gathering all its members at one big table with a family atmosphere.

During the Iftar, Mr. Mohieddin Abdelghani on behalf of ALGEDRA’s Managing Director Mr. Mohab Ayoub passed on greetings and good thoughts to the rest of the team members. The company's direction was displayed in simple way and all constructive comments were listened to and considered in the road ahead to the future.

The surrounding area was delighted with elegant humors and laughter spreading the family relationship amongst ALGEDRA Group’s staff members that has been there all along, while the restaurant expressed the modern spirit of the event with a light fun setting for the Iftar dinner.

With happy smiles they all ended up declaring a bright future of mutual dedication to achieve a higher level of success along the way.