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Algedra Group is one of the leading Interior Design and Architecture companies in UAE and MENA region with recently expanded office in Istanbul will be hosting Design workshops through months of June to August.

Interior Design Company in Dubai

The first workshop "Design Thinking" will be held from 28th of June till 03rd of July and will concentrate on the nature of design as a process and on the characteristic qualities of design problems and good solutions, turning attention to the thinking processes which are required to identify and understand those design problems and create design solutions. The workshop will consider the principles, strategies and tactics which designers use in this mental process.

Participants will learn the traps and pitfalls that usually face them from the field experts.

They will examine how designers use architectural drawings, and how to work in groups.            

Seven days lasting “Design Thinking” workshop will help it attendees to develop skills and enhance knowledge to design better products, services, solutions, architecture and experiences through practical exercises, real case studies and useful materials.

Interior Design Company in Dubai

Workshop attendees will earn a Certificate of completion from ALGEDRA group after completing the course, which can be highlighted on their resume, CV, Linkedln profile or website. 

"We are receiving a lot of enquiries and requests from young designers, architects and students from different countries for internships and possibilities to learn from Algedra and we decided to make it happen by organizing workshops"- says Algedra CEO Mr Mohab Ayoub.

The workshop is for Architects, Interior designers, Product designers and anyone who is interested in an innovative thinking.

Starting with first workshop “Design Thinking” Algedra Group will continue organizing series of the workshops covering various topics of Interior Design and Architecture.