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How Do We Design a Home Office That Stimulates Work

The Algedra Group is thankful to the Al-Ittihad newspaper for publishing an article “How do we design a home office stimulating to work?” which covered the topic of search for a suitable environment for work from home. In light of the spread of the Corona pandemic it became a necessity, so the appropriate conditions must be created in home work space for the individual to stay productive. Such as choosing the right location and ensuring good lighting, or even using plants to create vitality in the place and many of the elements that are important to consider for home office. With the availability of modern technologies connecting employees to each other, it is easy to practice and accomplish working from home smoothly.

Mr. Mohab Ayoub, CEO of Algedra Group, shared his opinion in this regard, as he  emphasized the necessity of creating an ambiance similar to the work environment to reduce the possible inconvenience of working from home, as well as the selection of the office style depends on home owner and his specialization and has provided examples of multiple types and various styles of home office interior designs.

Hence, we find that the creation of the work environment differs according to the functional style.

He highlighted the role of management in adopting a successful management system and being fully aware of the extent of work productivity. In some professions, completing work from home is beneficial to both parties, such as works that require focus or art and creativity.

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