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Whether you are planning to decorate your new home or refresh your existing interior design we are here to help you stay fashionable and up to date with overlooking what is trending in 2019.

Personalized design:
The will of certain style design is now replaced with need of environment in which it is convenient and pleasant to live as you like. By all means person’s individual needs will dominate in the modern interior, and all design decisions will reflect owners taste, hobbies and way of life. Bespoke design with customized items of furniture and unique pieces emphasizing your individuality making your home cozy for you to live and impressive for the guests visiting.

Elegance glamour and luxury of Art Deco:
In 2019 iconic Scandinavian styles steps down giving full way to Art Deco come back with its perfect lines, bright decorative elements, polished furniture, glass and chrome surfaces as a statement of luxury. The main accents as expensive and rich textures. Bold shades of colors complimented with silver or gold.

Neo Classic design come-back:
Because of its interpretation of timeless classic in a contemporary way. Such elements as grand staircase at the entrance, high ceilings and wide spaces of the majlis or living room.
Combination of smooth bends with rigid lines, noble upholstery, decorative gypsum, column and molds- graceful and refined design.

The harmony of Marble wood and metal:
Marble has been a hit for couple past years and it seems it will stay timeless trend for luxurious home. Apart of the usual Carrara some colorful variations appearing in 2019.

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Walls decorated with matte gold tiles or panels, gold satin or velvet upholstery.  Gold, brass, bronze and other metal materials will be used not only as parts of furniture, but also as art objects and elements of decor. Using in combination with wood those materials achieve stunning design of interior.

Rugs and textile enrichment:
Rugs in unusual geometric forms, sustainable materials and catchy abstract art. With the evolution of textile technology a good quality custom made carpet, apart usual functionality of bringing coziness to any home, in 2019 is more considered as an art work rather than just accessory. In textile velvet upholstery makes a glamorous statement appearing in various colors.

Colors of 2019:
As been announced by Pantone Institute earlier main color of 2019 is Living coral- an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. This peach orange with undertone of rose gold perfectly blends in combination with other popular colors in interiors this year such as deep tones of gem stones: dark blue, emerald and dense burgundy.

Decorative ceiling renovation:
From graphic patterns to sleek textures created by gypsum. Accents can be created by interesting lighting, led chandeliers or different interesting forms hanging from the ceiling giving and atmospheric ambiance to the space.

Amusement of Expressive textures:
Creative installations, abstract glossy panels and mosaics from the glass giving a futuristic luxurious feel.

 Feel alive with Plants and greenery:
Direct and indirect elements of biophilic design such as greenery and natural light, as well as earthy colors to promote emotional and physical wellbeing.
Implementing green principles by organizing space with an abundance of natural light and living plants complimenting such design by modern technologies.  

 The urgent need of smart home:
Digital lifestyle technologies are taking over and high tech smart home systems are here to make our daily routines seamlessly smooth and elevate our home comfort to next level. Integrated within the space of your home gives you more time to concentrate on yourself instead of constantly thinking about repetitive daily tasks.

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