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Weather you live in a small apartment or your villa planned with many small rooms to accommodate all family members there are always solutions to make the small space look more spacious.

You may achieve that with smarter space planning and layout of the furniture, however this time we will share tips on how to create an illusion of more spacious place using colors in your interior decoration.

  • One of most popular believes is that using a white and neutral colors will make room look bigger and is often overused resulting opposite effect of pale boring interior with white walls. It is a good idea to use bright neutral colors as a base at the same time blending it with brighter colorful options.
  • Rather choose a white color for a low ceiling to make it look higher, its good to remember that white color also have different hues.
  • To achieve harmonious interior design in small living space follow the rule of 3 main colors: Main color as a base and two additional in smaller quantities. It is possible to create more complex colorful ambiance, however only experienced designer can create tasteful combination to achieve such result.
  • Darker and brighter colors should be placed in depth of the room, light neutral colors in foreground with brightest accents placed through within.
  • Highlighting one or more walls with more saturated color will compensate a lack of volume in small room. Photo wallpaper or trendy floral print may be the good option.
  • For the primary colors you may always use two shades of same color, almost going monochromatic, however blending in contrasting color accessories.
  • Black and white combination should be avoided as it is too sharp contrast for small space
  • If the apartment or room is bright with lot of natural light coming in choose cool color scheme (green, blue, purple variations), in opposite if the room space is dark it is better to use warm pallet of colors (red, orange yellow hues)
  • When choosing the curtains color for windows framing preferably to combine color in tone with fabrics of furniture decoration. Avoid colorful curtains with ornaments and rather create elegant combination with two canvases in similar tone.
  • And last but not least is choosing the color for flooring. To make room look bigger use light tones of colors as dark colors will visually make room smaller.The main advise from Algedra designers would be: while following the guidelines don’t be afraid to experiment with color matching in making your home cozy.