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The garden is the housing interface, and the first thing the guests will see. Thus, it must be eye-catching and special. You can own such garden if you break some garden design rules and create your own rules to add new and extraordinary styles. The following are some ideas that ALGEDRA experts suggested for exception landscape designs:

landscape garden design by Algedra Interior

1. Chaos is a form of art. Don’t give much effort by organizing your plants and flowers in specific pots and planter. Leaving them in a random chaos will make them appear more beautiful. You don’t have to worry about coordinating the colors and types of plants. Take the forest as an example it is very beautiful because it is random and chaotic and so your garden will be beautiful and eye catching.

2. Most gardens are covered in the green lawn that needs constant care such as irrigation and mowing. You can skip this part and provide your garden with a fantastic dessert that will make your garden stand out among all the other gardens.

elegant landscape designs

3. Pathways surrounded by random plants are much more beautiful than the one that is organized in a straight line, as in nature plants grown anywhere and in any direction so it is better to leave them in their natural state. You can also surround them by some rocks or beautiful paving or use some green blooming bushes.

4. The home garden shouldn’t necessarily end at the door front. Leave them to climb the house and beautify the housing interface. You can use some creeping plants that change their colors throughout the seasons, which will result in a new and different look for your house in each season.