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Black is the color of luxury, mystery, and supremacy. Many people love it and many fear it. You can implement it all around the house with Complementary pieces and colors that are also suitable to reduce the power of this color. Applying it in bathrooms is considered a bold move that will give these bathrooms a special and different style.

A black bathroom is like an adventure or exciting experience for anyone. It is advisable to add the colors: Gold, silver and copper with black, it is the color of elegance and sophistication, and this color will transform anything into a masterpiece.

small bathroom designs ideas

  • For a creative bathroom with a new quality, combine black with copper, by using copper pipes in apparent form and their background is black tiles of a Victorian style, a bathroom that is a combination of simplicity and dark background means that one of the key details stand out properly. Then put white tiles to show consistency and contradiction between the two colors and make the place look like a real painting.
  • A bathroom that is distinctive in the color black, the background behind the mirror painted in gold colors highlights the beauty of the oval mirror and its white elegant frame, the beauty of this bathroom is completed with a coppery water faucet and a white bright basin these will break the intensity of the color and will add a special detail that combines between black, gold and copper, or adding a glass table with accessories and natural flowers to add an atmosphere of passion and enjoy the place.
  • A bathroom that starts with a black shiny door and a glass handle reveals what we will see in the place. Interior walls upholstered in Damask velvet cloth not fully of course. In addition to a special illumination from elegant lamps, a large mirror, a Gray counter top and a shiny stainless steel to boost the elegance of the place to the maximum.
  • Victorian style: A great update from the traditional white and black bathroom; the tiles are in white along with black marble in a basket weave pattern, and many other luxurious touches that are made especially for this bathroom style. In addition to the dark colored window glass and the water, the basin is basically the base of an old statue that distinguishes the Victorian style.
  • A bathroom with black walls and the white ceramic floor is a strong contrast between black and white. The relation between the white ceiling and the floor shows the height of the walls, the links, fixtures and shelves in this stark design.

beautiful bathroom interior design

  • The black color highlights and narrows the place but for a bathroom you split it in half the upper side is painted is completely black while the bottom half is a small ceramic lattice of black and white with paintings and wonderful decorations which make it create some sort of a hedge. With a white basin and a decorated base of a silver metal or upscale stainless and an oval shaped mirror that reflects the light and distributes it around the place to make it look brighter.