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Winter is the season for planting and coordinating the garden before it blooms with spring.

Having this charming entrance garden you dream about can be done through many ways. Taking into consideration the importance of avoiding some common mistakes, here are six of them by ALGEDRA Interior Design:

1. Do not Purchase Grown Plants:

Everyone likes a grown garden with high and big trees especially if it was used as a fence. Impatience in this matter can cost a lot! You will have to pay a high amount of money then you will find no difference after a couple of years.

2. Plants Congestion:

Everyone wants to avoid empty spots and neglects the fact that plants are growing and have to have a space between each other, doing so is so harmful to the soil and the plants, and after a while you will have to remove some in order to keep it stable.

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3. A Year is 4 Seasons:

All gardens look bloom, grown and charming in spring. But it is important to remember that the year is 4 seasons to be considered.

Evergreen plants are highly advised to be chosen in order to have the feathering-shape trees with a color of strewing in winter. And avoid the paper falling plants that make your garden looks cold and pale.

4. Avoid the Uncomfortable Furniture:

As you shall not be having another sitting room out in your garden, you have to choose furniture that comforts you and resists the different climates.

Choose wide seats and deep comfortable couch and have a great time with a nice book. Add some extra pillows for more comfort and beauty.

5. Green Papers Count:

Blooming time is limited, so do not purchase the plants for their flowers but their papers. They last more time so you can enjoy a full year landscape, not a two –weeks one.

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6. Choose the Materials Wisely

Do not choose materials that shocks who look at them! The entrance floor and the walls shall match with the roof and front door, for instance.

A couple of materials of the garden and the house are enough, and have to integrate with each other in a harmony, let the plants and flowers make the show, not the house paints.