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Most of the buildings contain a special basement whether it has floors or just a plain house, the common perception that everyone has that the basement is a room to store junk, but you can take advantage of the basement in several forms and ideas to help save space in the house, and give it a contemporary fun look, here are some of the ideas offered by "ALGEDRA" to help you use your basement in the most optimum way.

You can use the basement as a home theater room by placing a large cinematic screen on the wall, as for the furnishing use large comfortable cushions to lie down and enjoy the view, you can also exploit one of the corners to put a small bar to prepare your favorite hot beverage while watching, for lighting is preferable to use low light to complete this cinematic atmosphere.

basement interior design by Algedra

You Can use the basement as miniature home gym, by bringing the appropriate sports machines, and allocate a space for free style exercising or dancing, for the floor must be a fixed wooden floor covered with wax to prevent slips -and other related accidents.

You can use the basement as a room to relax and rest, and to provide that you must use a comfortable furniture, such as sofas and comfortable chairs and a small table, preferably in light colors such as white to provide comfort and peacefulness, for a further intimate and warm look use a wool rug of high lint.

You can use the basement as a laundry room, but in a comfortable and trendy way, so by bringing a washing machine and a drying machine, and install some shelves to put the washing detergents, a for a laundry room it is advisable to use a ceramic floor because it is suitable with water.

wooden floor basement

Another brilliant use for the basement is to use it as an entertainment room, place a pool table for example or some electronic gaming mode (PlayStation) and use a small corner as a bar to provide your favorite beverage, or you can use it as an area to meet and chat by placing a colorful rug and fill it with cushions of feather to provide comfort and relaxation.

You can use the basement as a room for the kids to enjoy it, but keep in mind to fulfill safety priorities, which are wooden floor covered with soft sponge and providing entertaining games that are preferred by the children, and use one of the corners to put a small tent to entertain the children and tell entertaining stories to them.