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Colors Cladding:

A white wall with some colors gives a nice addition to the place. The artistic combination of the colors reflects positively on the person looking at them, to make sure that the colors stay vibrant we must make sure of the color’s quality.

White is a basic color that is suitable for all the colors, so the basic color is for the ceiling and we use a different color for the walls and corners. White helps break the intensity of any other color and is a great color when accompanied by wallpaper.

We can use wallpapers for the walls which come in various patterns and colors. We can also use a floral wallpaper on one wall and color the rest of the walls.

Wooden cladding:

Wooden cladding Texture

The wooden pieces at home provide us with warmth and with a natural feeling. We can add wood for the floors or a certain wall or can clad the whole ceiling with wood or we can clad the whole house in wood from the inside.

Applying any of the above ideas will make your home look fantastic because wood is very suitable for a person’s nature and it also provides large spaces even if the house is small. It provides warmth. Take the baroque floor that is processed so it’s noncombustible and moisture insulation

Swiss pine wood, which is characterized by durability and resistance, kitchen tools made of pine are characterized by extreme resistance to bacteria.

Refined wood that has a distinctive shine made by a transparent paint layer that works as an insulator to maintain the natural colors will suit all modern decors.

Stone cladding:

Stones in their nature are colorful. They hold enough brilliance and luxury. Stones come in many shapes, types and colors.

The cladding can be made on one wall or as a colorful decor touch. There are many colors of synthetic stones that are used in home decorations.

Floors cladding:

Floors cladding

Floor cladding needs many materials such as wood (baroque), marble, ceramic. They all are perfect when used in the right decor, have a wide range of colors that can be used in any home decor.

As for the baroque floors they are preferable in living rooms, bedroom and saloon because they save warmth and they are easy to clean and take care of.

Marble cladding:

They can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, and washrooms. Marble is very solid, non-scratching , very practical and it has internal forms and veins that make it appear as a painting without the need for any additional it is very common in the following colors: white and black, green and brown it depends on where is it made.

To add a touch natural decor in the natural marble is enough, provide it with hunched-up lines.