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Have you started to renovate your home and freshen up for the spring breeze? After the cold and gloomy days, the season when nature comes to life is on our doorstep. With the furniture and accessories you have, you can prepare your home for spring in 9 steps.

Here are 9 tips that Algedra interior designers suggest for spring decoration:

  1. Change, replace and be playful 

The first step for spring decoration is to rearrange the house. Can you relocate a few items for a more intimate and conversational look? 

home decor

Remember, you can create a more fluid decoration with the changes you will make. Thus, you can decorate a more spacious interior or you can do different arrangements by dividing your room into sections according to your various needs such as conversations, television, reading a book etc. 

  1. Make the final decision

Does a piece of your furniture no longer appeal to your taste or does it cause a dissonance in the overall decoration? If you want an arrangement that will upgrade your mood, do not include the items that do not satisfy you. 

First, try to give these types of items a new appearance. Even painting accessories can bring an item back to life. Re-evaluate whatever items you're emotionally attached to and try being a little ruthless!

  1. Display your collection

If you have a habit of collecting your favourite stuff, you can get together the pieces you use in various rooms, and display them in groups, which can give a much more impressive look. 

  1. Think your room like an empty canvas

Try interesting, dynamic, and expressive home decor. Arrangements that keep things and objects in balance and move the gaze from the top of the room to the bottom will give good results. 

bedroom interior design

You can use longer items in the background, and smaller ones in the stage. Place small accessories in front of a large painting that you will hang on the wall. With books, colourful bindings, you can make beautiful decorations not only on coffee tables, but also in every corner of the house.

  1. Update your furniture

Identify which of your items need repair or refurbishment. Paint the items or walls you need to repaint. If you want to use wallpapers, use the leftover pieces of paper when you're done. 

  1. Add some greenery to the decoration

If you have many plants, you can categorise by using different leaf types together. For example, by displaying a small-leaved plant side by side with a large-leaved plant, you can conceive a contrasting yet pleasant combination.

living room design

If you don't have a lot of room for plants, consider hanging them from the ceiling, displaying them in wall pots, or growing them on a pallet. You can also keep plants that will add flavour to your kitchen close at hand by growing them in colourful tin boxes.

  1. Clutter-free 

In order to prevent your home from being a chaotic environment, you can apply for solutions such as a sideboard or cabinet that will keep your small items tidy. To avoid clutter in the kitchen, you can use a dresser that you will colour and place various kitchen utensils such as plates and dishes there. 

kitchen design

  1. Exchange some items 

How about using the blanket you use on your bed instead of the sofa? Or can you use your bedside tables as a coffee table in the dining room or living room? Can a large flower pot turn into a bedside table in your bedroom? You can move all the items and accessories you use around the house and make interesting arrangements. 

  1. Lighten your windows

Get rid of your thick curtains that bring a cosy atmosphere in winter, and cut the cold coming from outside. Clean your bare windows after washing and placing curtains in a box for reuse next year. You can hang light-colored and light roller blinds or thin tulle curtains on your clean windows, which will allow the spring sun to enter more.

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