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Abu Dhabi being capital of UAE continues to flourish with residential community developments and new properties. One of the biggest residential areas Mohammed Bin Zayed City features newly constructed villas of various sizes.

Villas in Mohammed Bin Zayed City vary from 4 bedrooms up to 13 mostly with a traditional layout, however, the latest project executed by Algedra in this residential area stands out with its unordinary interior design.

Have a glimpse into this classic style luxury 8-bedroom villa with a swimming pool designed for a family in Abu Dhabi.

The initial design brief from the villa owners was bright spacious and cozy interior with a lot of natural light and elegant look.

Neoclassic style with some modern elements was chosen as it suited the description of desired dream home the most.

From the first step inside villa stuns with its lavish interior decor.

Light neutral color scheme of walls, ceiling, and even marble floors reflecting the light makes space appear even bigger.

For more coziness designers chose warm hues of beige and ivory with more vivid colors accents adding depth to the interior.

Living room

What makes this villa stand out from others in Mohammed Bin Zayed area is the unique approach designers took in bringing in light into space by introducing skylight glazing framed into the living rooms ceiling with ornamental decoration. Special impact-resistant safety glazing type of glass is used for safety and heat protection. Not only it brings natural light during the day, but it also gives an amazing view of star sky in the night time. Rich color décor details in furniture and matching curtains give a feel of solidity in a spacious and airy room.

villa design in abu dhabi

Dining room

Dining area is located on the first floor withing the same space as a living room. While those two areas are combined in an open space the furniture layout gives informal separation. Beautifully crafted luxury dining table set with comfortable chairs in the matching colors blends into the continuous style of the room where majestic chandelier complements the interior.

dining room design in abu dhabi

Elaborate stucco work with classical columns imitation across the walls and velvet upholstered furniture decorated with golden embossing resembles elegance of classic style at its best.

Curved staircase leading to the second floor where bedrooms are located stuns by making an architectural statement.

Bedrooms design

Each bedroom of this luxurious villa has a private bathroom and dressing room. Spacious bedrooms interior colors chosen according to the preference of each family member in trendy pastel hues. Every bedroom has a sitting area and vanity table and features modern elements of decor.

Bedroom Design in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

The grey and lavender colors combination bedroom is decorated with stucco elements, scone lamps on the textured walls, and classic style furniture.

تصميم غرف النوم في أبوظبي

A combination of beige, ivory, and trendy pistachio pastel green color was chosen for a modern style bedroom with a unique ceiling decor and bespoke framed headboard design.

Dressing Room Design in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Majlis design

Villa has men majlis and ladies majlis which are designed in an individual style.

In men majlis interior designers achieved a solid and elegant look by combining classic and modern styles. As well as the living room it has a skylight glazing for the abundance of light, along with large windows with a view on the beautiful landscape of the villa.Men Majlis Design in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Ladies majlis décor designed in a feminine classic style with a distinctive pastel pink and ivory colors combination, traditional layout and chic decoration. Luxurious modern bathroom attached ensure maximum privacy for ladies spending time in a cozy ambiance.

Lady majlis design in abu dhabi

This villa representing the sophisticated taste of its owner stands out among other villas in Abu Dhabi with its elegant, palace alike interior decoration.

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