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Derived from the iconic U.S. beachside area, Coastal style is well recognized for the elements of light, airy color palettes mainly white with blues and even greens. Furnishings are often white or beige and sometimes blue, the room contains elements of wood and accessories are often inspired by the ocean.

A neutral palette

The light, breezy, natural palette of Coastal Style has worldwide appeal. You aspire your decoration from the colors of the ocean atmosphere, rays of sunlight, white clouds for walls and unfinished woodwork refers to Ships and of course layers of greys and pale blues introducing the ocean.

Style balance

Furniture is both classic and relaxing, with comfy sofas and wing back chairs covered in cotton, linen and canvas. And since Coastal uses neutral palette you might need to balance that with darker pieces of art or accessories to contrast the scene and also use pillows with nautical stripes, gingham of white and blue.

Natural elements

A timeless look that never gets expired, homely and elegant with touch of wood in every detail whether it was painted or not, it gives a rustic feeling to this traditional style but doesn’t go quite obvious with it. Use inexpensive and beautiful accessories like driftwood or shells and sand from the beach. Display them in glass jars and as table centerpieces.