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Each year, recognized globally colour experts and companies provide colour trend insights and selection from their roster for the shade that best reflects the current era. Their picks for colour of the year shape trends in products, technology, interior design, fashion and arts  over the world.

Algedra Interior Design Company rounds up trending colour of the year 2022 for you. See if these trending shades resonate with you. 

Here are 2022 colours of the year as Pantone and Benjamin Moore have announced;

Very Peri by Pantone

Pantone Colour Institute didn’t choose any colour from its roster this year; instead it created a new hue, Veri Peri. It is a colour that brings authentic pleasure of owning and expressing the turbulence of the Covid-19, and being ready to accept the receptive side of  transition to adapt into the post-pandemic world to feel most fulfilled and contributed to the world.

interior design

Different paradigms could be emerging, and it is on the cutting edge of new experience. Veri Peri is described as a vibrant colour of periwinkle. It blends within the soothing familiarity of blue and harmonises the excitement and energy of red. 

The colour brings a novel perspective, displaying a kind of awareness that goes beyond intellect - visions and futuristic thoughts which enhance spritely, dynamic presence, and joyous attitude. Consider getting involved in a cause or tapping into universal principles that encourage bold creativity and imaginative expression.

bedroom interior design

Upgrade a sense of pleasantry for your interiors. Spark an inventive, unexpected colour combination. 

Mix - match lush green shades with colour of the year 2022 to conceive a nature-inspired, uplifting home offices and living room designs. 

Pair Veri Peri with soft tones such as mauve and terracotta for a soothing and balanced look that is well-suited to bedrooms to seek out a little silence in your home decor and design. You deserve it. 

In the kids bedroom, diversify the classic primary colour palette by combining this periwinkle blue with hot pink and bright yellow. Brought with furniture, accent pieces or paint colours, Very Peri adds a creative, hopeful attitude to any space.

October Mist by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's colour pick for 2022 is a soft, silvery green called October Mist 1495. This botanical shade mimics the pale green of a flower stem and underpins the brand's broader palette of 2022 colour trends. 

living room design

The October Mist 1495 reflects the effortless harmony of colours while inspiring unique combinations for any paint project.

family sitting room design

Combine the soft tones of October Mist with a rich dark shade to add warmth and depth to a monochromatic palette. For a lively look, bring out this colour of the year's cool undertones with icy blue-green or inky blue-black.

kitchen interior design

Algedra Design Company can guide you through the development of interior design, exteriors and their colour strategy within furnishing and more that fits your project’s unique needs and requirement to elevate your design process in the best way possible.

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