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Our experience leads us to believe that compact living is a global trend that will grow even much stronger years to come. Many people will choose to live in big cities, and build their homes based on tiny studios or small apartments. 

In the future, the number of people will increase, and the housing area will decrease as the houses get smaller.

It does not mean that living in a small one-room apartment will prevent you from having a beautiful and functional home. People must think out of the box, and look for unconventional solutions.

Living in a one-room apartment means that you are faced with a difficult and huge task: turning a single room into a bedroom, living room, kitchen, office etc. You should do this without getting confused, feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the environment. To create a comfortable and stylish home in which you will want to spend a lot of time, you need to follow a few steps and be inspired by ideas.

Here are some ideas and tips for studio apartment designs that will not only make living in it easier, but also more modern. Find inspiration in these examples and get ready to turn your tiny residence into a wonderful place.

Use glass panels to divide the space:

If only one part of the room is surrounded by windows, try using glass panels as the wall that separates the elements of the room. They divide the space visually and allow a lot of light to pass through.

apartment interior design

Customized foldable work table:

The custom foldable desk is the perfect solution for small home workspaces. Simply; close it and put it away when you need to convert your home office back into the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Use different paint colors:

Another way to create multiple areas in the same studio is to paint a new area with different colors; you can give the illusion of creating a divided area. Others may prefer the light unified color of paint to gain radiance, and make it seem spacious.

studio apartment designs

There is no right or wrong when it comes to your home decor; if you love a lot of colors, go for it! You can combine colors in many different ways, paint the walls, add colorful furniture etc.

Hide your bed:

If your studio apartment is too small to create a small sitting area and a bedroom, think about a pull-out bed or a solid platform with a pull-out bed underneath. In this space, a wooden platform makes room for a sofa, so there's more room to sit instead of a bed (this way, it will not feel like a bedroom if you want to have guests).

Just flip it over in the morning, and you'll suddenly have saved space.

Choose light curtains to separate the bed:

Installing a sliding door will take up a lot of space to separate the bed, so hang a curtain instead to provide privacy around it. Use the most transparent fabric that allows light to flow through, not to overburden the room.

By using a curtain to divide your studio apartment, you can hide a certain aspect of your studio. They can also be used to create a separate bedroom area or hide shelves that may seem crowded. The soft or sheer texture of curtain fabric is always a good idea to add warmth to the home.

Use smart storage:

Open shelving is also a great way to use your vertical space. The unifying visual touch comes from a slanted decorative wall that is made up of shelves of different sizes and shapes. Its presence is the intonation of artistic design and clever storage space arrangement.

kitchen interior design

Avoid the disorder:

Kitchens are especially disposed to disorder, as they tend to be filled with dishes, tools, small appliances, and food. To make the studio apartment design appear larger, you need to keep your space free of messy items. Clean lines, smooth surfaces, and space between elements help create a more airy and open atmosphere in the apartment.

Choose a bed with built-in storage to keep the mess away, allowing the room to stay clean and bright. Find first-class storage solutions in stores, or get creative and build your closet according to the size of your room.

Use mirrors:

Mirrors are your best friend in small spaces, as they help bounce light off windows. You can design mirrors throughout your apartment to visually open up your room. Place a smaller mirror on the shelf; or for a more dramatic effect, design a full-length mirror on the wall.
Even though it does not make the space larger, the mirror will make your studio appear more spacious, bright, and open.

Choose low furniture:

If your studio has low ceilings, you can still control the seating area for you and your guests. All you have to do is choose furniture that is low and does not take up much vertical space; it also allows you to enjoy the colors of the furniture.

interior design

It may seem to people that zoning the different spaces in a box-shaped studio with low ceilings is difficult. The trick, as mentioned, is to use low furniture and decorate this small place with a mixture of low and elegant decorations to make the ceiling seem higher.

Packing things on the wall:

Use the wall space and secure a hook system on it to hang some extra foldable chairs.
Mount a floating shelf on the wall away from your everyday walking space, and use it to stack books that would result in a unique boho look. Just be sure to determine if you have drywall or plaster before buying the right hardware; keep in mind that books are heavy, and your shelf needs to be strong enough to hold the weight.

Choose multipurpose furniture:

Double-duty furnishings are a big lifesaver in studio apartments. The corner angle is a great functional spot that's easy to move around when you have a guest and would be suitable to convert into a sleeping area. The foldable table can also be used when working from home or as a dining table.

home decor

Multifunctional furniture is a must if you live in a studio apartment.

Divide the place with bookshelves:

A bookcase behind the bed helps you create a separate bedroom. Design and fill the bookcase with plants, books, and unique items to make it a special piece.

Use the upper bed:

If you do not mind climbing every evening and if you are not afraid of falling out of bed. You can choose a loft bed to create a separate sleeping area in your studio apartment. It saves a lot of space, it also keeps your bedroom out of sight, and makes for a great under-bed storage area.