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Modern desert design is an epitome of elaborately conceiving minimalist mood within desert features. It brings bohemian perspective, striking lines, regional cohesion in order to transform your home into a magistic, and strong vision, which outperforms with a vacay vibe. 

A house designed with modern desert style has a deep connection with its own surroundings. It is as if the design itself is conversing with nature.

Sunset color palettes play with cacti, the sharp lines of rock formations, and Joshua trees, the splendid design is like a visual oasis. Whether a home contrasts or complements its surroundings, a modern desert home is spectacularly beautiful both inside and out. 

1- Neutral color palette with desert tones

Modern desert design constitutes an earthy color palette. Whilst clay-toned hues are the key and trendy feature of desert-inspired design, warm whites can also be a go-to choice. Start with a neutral base and build up from the ground.

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2- Add succulents, cacti and other greens

Succulents, cacti and other greens are a great attribution to the desert lifestyle. 

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3- Include baskets for storage

Baskets add style and function to a desert modern interior. The open woven design perfectly complements leather and stone upholstery. Plus, the baskets create hidden storage space.

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4- Soothe bedrooms and living room with woven linens

Desert modern interiors embrace handmade textiles for rugs, tapestries and blankets. Typically, southwestern textiles are made of cotton or wool and feature broad stripes and staggered motif patterns.

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5- Paint your walls white or off-white

All-white walls are the cornerstone of desert modern interior design that mimics the white Spanish adobe buildings common in California, the Southwest states, and popular in warm climate regions.

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From a design standpoint, white walls also help bring out the desert's modern decor and accessories.

6- Experiment with an accent wall

Play with an accent wall to enhance the look. If you're not comfortable painting an entire wall, consider two other options for adding emphasis: a protruding fireplace wall or an ombre rectangular mural behind your headboard.

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7- Don't exaggerate your interior design - stick to subtle references

You should avoid going into “theme” space with a gallery wall including canyon photos or decorative pillows for cacti in every room. You want to be inspired by desert scenes, not literally recreate an ambiance alike.

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8- Tune into textiles

Textiles are a vital element of making desert modern look work. From ancient Moroccan finds to cowhide and flat-woven natural fiber options, layering on rugs creates depth and visual interest in order to keep everything cozy after the sun goes down and temperatures drop in the desert. Fabric wall hangings, well-worn leather accents and airy gauze peacefully coexist to create an eclectic vibe.

9- Embrace the abstract

Abstract shapes are a recurring presence in all of the best modern desert style homes we've seen, and with good reason. The organic forms, especially semicircles and arches recall both traditional desert design and traditional weaving motifs found in desert regions. 

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10- Adopt one-of-its-kind item

Mass-produced items won't be enough to help you craft unique desert-inspired digs. 

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