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Al Falah area in Abu Dhabi is development of more than 4800 villas design in contemporary style with traditional elements. Recently ALGEDRA worked on interior for one of those villas.

Exquisite interior featuring traditional Islamic style elements was implemented by ALGEDRA demonstrating combination of two unique styles breathing luxury and modesty at the same time in best Islamic traditions.

Incorporating Islamic style interior elements into contemporary style as a base is unusual combination not often mixed together.

Starting from main entrance lobby door design. Instead of big heavy door designers used original solution of using arch form using solid wood and mirrors with door in the middle to create the illusion of glass door leading to another room.

The concept incorporating Islamic style in design of this villa lies in idea of importance of light which represents God in Islamic ideology and stars- as symbol of light in heaven.

Islamic star pattern carvings made by designers as the main accent on the walls in the living room and represents elements of Islamic style. Repetitive geometric patterns with multi-pointed stars emphasizes significance of it symbolism as from ancient times stars were used for decoration of sacred places because of pointing to the direction of praying.

The entrance facade with marble inlay and hanging lanterns in the main entrance hall gives a first hint of the traditional elements in contemporary design of the villa.

Abundance of light ensured by using various lighting options. Recessed lighting in suspended ceiling, crystal chandeliers for ambience light, as well as lighting fixtures mounted into the walls to add dramatism to the interior. Crystal scone lights used as an accent light.

This gives this home owners endless possibilities to play around and create various atmosphere depending on the time of the day and occasion.

Minimal decorations and classical arabesque motifs on the walls is what creates modest, clean, warm and cozy interior of this villa in Abu Dhabi.

On the other hand contemporary style as a base gives this villa luxurious extravagance.  

Earthy colors of brown, mocha, navy blue and grey chosen in combination with gold, silver and brass to resonate with luxurious white marble floors and walls.

Decorations in copper, gold and silver inlay used in Islamic world since centuries carries out tradition to present.

Halls connecting different areas of the villa Entrance framed with ornamental carvings on the doorway and use of brass in staircase design details makes a statement of solid splendor.

Every detail handmade by dedicated fit out team craftsmen is unique artwork for this villa owners.

Geometric shapes, lines, ornaments, use of mirrors, marble and mixture of various luxury materials is what dominating the creation of this project. As a result designers of Algedra accomplished the complexity of interior in this luxury villa in Al Falah Abu Dhabi with fit out team bringing this unique design into reality.