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Latest turnkey project by Algedra in Arabian Ranches is elegant and luxurious interior design executed by team of designers in best traditions of lavish Classic style.

Arabian Ranches one of the most high-end communities in Dubai in a close proximity to Burj Khalifa that features golf course and Dubai Equestrian Polo club. Design of villa in development with such landscape and amenities worth a luxury palace interior.

Inspired by interiors and architecture of magnificent palaces in Italy this luxury villa has all attributes of aristocratic living.

Complex design full of decorative details required a precise work of fitout team to recreate three dimensional images into life.

Entering through solid wooden door takes you to the glamorous atmosphere of royal interior.

The entrance hall of the villa with high ceilings and marble stairs leading to the second floor fascinates with its gratification.

Splendid colorful crystal chandelier catches the look when entering and keeps the look while walking up the stairs making it the main accent of the hall.

Woolen carpet on a marble floor adds warmth to the hall entrance area leading inside the house.

Lavish classic style variations such as Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance used by designers in sophisticated way to blend and may be seen in different areas of this villa.

Traditional Arabic majlis design this time was transformed into elegant imperial reception room interior, at the same time keeping the usual layout of traditional majlis. Silk curtains, Carrara marble floor, marble tables with carved wooden feet, and richness of decorative details on the walls, ceiling and furniture with noble upholstery in golden and blue colors resembles Rococo elegance.

Dining area with a hint to Italian Renaissance era for dining as royalty. Heavy rich wood dining table with set of chairs to match and wooden consoles for porcelain and crystal sets. Here designers achieved cozy atmosphere by selecting warm color of upholstery and furniture that gives a home feeling- makes it perfect for family gathering and feast with guests.

Excessive use of gold in decorations is what distinguishing Baroque opulence in this interior at the same time lot of lighting makes it warm and cozy together with textile wallpapers framed on the walls that also has a golden finish. Selection of a patterned wallpapers with soft shimmer gives an overall ambiance with its color and texture that makes it want to touch.

Traditional scone lights on the walls designed as a candle holders creating a feel of an ancient castle pathway.

A lot of natural light in the day time, as well as crystal chandeliers as ambiance lighting and recessed lighting in layered ceiling in the night makes it bright and warm, where golden details reflect the glamour.

Every single detail in this design catches attention, however not striking, but in harmonious way guiding the eye to mesmerize.

This polished villa interior definitely stands out with its extravagant style in Arabian Ranches, where often home owners choose contemporary or modern style.