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The bedroom is the best place after a long tiring day and according to Eng. Tareq Skaik it is the room that gets so much attention in the interior design. At ALGEDRA, we always look for the touch that will add an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.

 ALGEDRA’s team will start by presenting many choices in the design and present 3-dimensional pictures in high quality and a presentation for the colors coordination, in addition to the brilliance in distributing lights to fit with the surrounding furniture. In his opinion, the living room must have special decor because it is a personal space. This is what motivates ALGEDRA to pay attention to the decoration details from the ceiling to walls to beds, pillow, bed covers, comfortable colors, and bed.

A bedroom reflects the personality of its owner in addition to the social status he belongs to. It is pretty unique for each person although there is stuff that most bedrooms share such as the bed legs. But they differ according to décor, for example, a carved wooden legs or decorated metal legs.

Because of technology, bedrooms have different shapes nowadays. But it mainly depends on the house owner’s taste, for example, a bedroom can have a bed of a certain size (double king), one side table and one carpet or more.

bedroom interior design

Also, a bedroom can have a bunk bed if more than one person shares the room. As for the side tables they are not mainly as a decoration piece, as nowadays people are using them to place some small things such as a table lamp and an alarm.

Bedrooms made of arabesque add richness to the place, whether the room was fully made of arabesque or uses arabesque along with modern furniture pieces. If the bed and cabinets are arabesques the tables can be from the modern decor or vice versa. And if we want to add more richness to the arabesque we can add an oriel window to the window or use a wooden box patterned with shells and copper.

 The rococo style in decor is considered a style that inspires warmth and intimacy because the female style is dominant in this model through curvy lines. This model is considered very elegant.

In this decorating style, the soft colors dominate the general look. They combine well with the Asymmetric furniture with straight lines and rows. The furniture in this style emulates the soft female personality. In this rococo style, canvas wallpaper is used or the walls are painted in shiny heat materials, and it would be more beautiful if it fits with the curtains used. The whole style will complete with the wall gypsum decorations in white patterned with some gold to add elegance and more beauty.

best bedroom furniture

The French classic decor is rich with many valuable and very beautiful accessories that are breathtaking. The most important characteristics of this rich French classic decor is the light colors, mirrors, metal furniture in gold and banquet or tiled floor.

The bedroom will look fantastic in sand shades of colors. With smooth gradation to the gold color, we can cover the whole room floor with a soft carpet in sand colors or Beige gradients. The bed, which is an essential piece of any bedroom, is of a Roman-style, and the front part of the bed is covered in soft leather, pillows in many forms are placed in a fitting manner with the bed design.

The off white is preferable for the bed, wardrobe, cabinet and accessories box, the room accessories and decorations are wall pictures, mirrors, candle holders and large vases.

modern master bedroom design

Eng. Tareq Skaik confirms that the design should reflect the character of the House owner through the colors, walls, and design style. He pointed out that the straight lines are used in modern design while curvy lines are used in the classic style and our mission is to combine harmonically between both styles and presenting a distinctive and unique project. By adding aesthetic touches such as the redesign of classic furniture pieces with less drilling and patterns to fit in with the area where they will be placed in it.