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The following are the most expensive and luxurious houses designs in the world that you will love if you love luxurious houses:

 1. Antilla, Mumbai, India:

The most expensive and luxurious house in the world, worth one billion dollars, has 27 stories the area residents call it the modern Taj Mahal, it covers 40 thousand square feet, and contains everything luxurious and expensive in the world.

Antilla House, India

2. Leopoldo Villa, France:

The most expensive in Europe worth 506 million dollars, it is called Leopoldo after Leopoldo who rebuilt it for his lover in 1902 this house covers 80 thousand square feet with 27 floors height, it has 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and wonderful gardens, and what makes this house special is its view on one of the most beautiful beaches of south France.

3. Fairfield pond, New York, USA:

The house belongs to the American businessman Ira Rennert, located in Hamptons in New York, it is worth 170 million dollars, considered the largest residential house in the United states Spread over an area of 63 acres. What distinguishes this house is its own bowling area and hot tub area of 150 thousand dollars.

4. Heart Mansion, San Simeon, California:

This house is located on the coast in the middle of California, It was created by the press icon William Randolph then it was owned by the lawyer Leonard Russ spread over 6 Hectares of land in Beverly Hills, has  29 bedrooms and It has been used in the filming of The Godfather.

William Randolph,California

5. Victorian Villa, Ukraine

 One of the most luxurious villas in Ukraine, owned by Elena Franchuk a Ukrainian business lady, consisting of 5 floors, includes a swimming pool, theater room, sauna, and gym.