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No matter how Many new designs trends for the houses, the traditional Majlis still has its own niche in the Arabic house Designs, the authentic Moroccan Majlis with its rugs, pillows, wool and woven raw materials which highlight the modern and contemporary Moroccan designs, to know more about this design the following article from ALGEDRA includes everything to help you get an Arabic Majlis of a Moroccan charactertraditional Majlis Design

1.Use vibrant colors that are bright and joyful and use palm trees for decoration and don’t forget to use cushions, pillows, rugs and colors.

 2.You can use hanging lanterns in different shapes and colors, and you can add wood to the ceiling to add warmth and intimacy, and you can also use it in furniture for a classier look.

 traditional Design

The Moroccan Majlis is known for its handmade inscriptions and wall mounted woven paintings and the Method of coordinating patterns and colors is what helps reflect the Moroccan character.

As for the design that combines between the modern and the old it has the following:

Moroccan Majlis handmade inscriptions

  • arched sofas and cool colors, in addition to some simple additions such as colorful cushions that have Moroccan inscriptions.
  • You can put a table in the middle with Moroccan inscriptions and ornate columns, this will give the room the classy and sophisticated Moroccan character
  • for a classic Majlis use gold and silver colors mixed with black and brown for more luxury, as for a contemporary Majlis use a mix of bold and strong colors, and use white for a simple Majlis.
  • The ceiling plays a huge role in highlighting the beauty of the Majlis, that is why Algedra hires professional people in drawing and ceiling inscription or offer a ready-made decorated ceiling.