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Palace means imperial house or large and lavishly decorated residence, home of royals, aristocracy and high society.

What distinguishes a palace from the usual villa is a big plot area it occupies. Palace layout has many rooms for family members, guests, salons and private reception rooms, leisure, and personnel to accommodate.

The main concept of palace design in a luxury way is spacious layout, high decorative ceilings, use of luxury materials, royal colors, crystal chandeliers, unique art pieces, and decorations.

Traditional palaces designs inspired by the Victorian era impress with their magnificent interiors.

Modern palace design is not restricted to classic style and can be in Neo Classic, Modern, Islamic or even Contemporary, not less majestic.

Standing on a big plot of the land palace always surrounded by beautiful landscapes with gardens.

Exterior design aesthetic is very important: starting from a boundary wall that ensures privacy, to a palace facade.

Palace exterior design:

Is what makes a statement from the outside about the homeowners and turns on the imagination of what is inside. Beautiful decorative details and proper lighting design are important elements to highlight the beauty of the palace.

Palace entrance design:

Palace entrance design

Luxuriously decorated entrance of the palace gives the first impression to the visitors. Breathtaking decorations prepare to enter to the extravagant residence.

A lot of attention must be given to palace door design.

Palace door design could include carved ornaments or be a simple design, but imposing, highlighting the splendor of the home.

Often the palace has at least two floors when entering the main hall may feature grand stairs leading both ways. Decorated with marble, luxury carpet and unique rail design from bronze or stainless steel.

Salons and private reception rooms:

Place of receiving and entertaining guests, therefore extreme attention should be given to the decoration.

Classic style interior with seats of the Victorian era of noble upholstery and golden embroidered ornaments and floral prints, marble, crystal chandeliers, art pieces on the wall in royal colors create prestigious look.

To highlight the beauty of the majlis, use curtains made of silk and velvet individual designers’ hand embroidered. The most luxurious natural wool carpet will make the place appear classier.

Majlis in the castle also might have old traditional or Arabic Bedouin seating.

Bedroom suite:

bedroom palace design

Must have extra privacy and very creative design for extra comfort. Bed canopy from silk or chiffon is often used in the classic royal bedroom design. Headboard of the bed decorated with gilded floral engravings and embroidered gilded ornamental or floral prints on bed cover from silk, velvet, or velour with glossy satin. The walls of the room are decorated with artistic global paintings, as for the lighting a large chandelier is a must in this room in addition to side table lamps for dim lighting at night.

The dining area:

palace dining area

In a traditional palace, a dining area is a separate spacious room with a luxurious table and set of chairs accommodating big groups of people including family members and guests.

When designing a modern palace, you may step away from the traditional idea. Dining area may not be separated with a door from the main living room. Spacious open plan layout gives a possibility to zone out the area without wall division at the same time creating a feeling of a separate area.

Customized table from solid wood or marble tabletop with polished metal frame together with noble upholstered chairs will make the dining experience sophisticated. Table decorated with elegant candle holders and tableware to suit will finish luxurious look.

Family room:

It is a more informal room for a family to gather. The seating in this place requires comfortable coaches for the family nights. Coaches in the modern aristocratic design with a large flat-screen TV for family entertainment. Big windows overlooking the pool or the garden make the room more relaxing and enjoyable.

The Living room:

Palace living room design

The main room connected to the entrance hall and welcoming the guest of the palace. As an alternative room to use instead of the majlis, its layout may be similar or connected to the dining area as an alternative. Most of what is used in the living room wall design is a wood panel or floral wallpapers, along with plaster decorations for the ceiling, and the colors of the living room may vary depending on the preference of the homeowner there are no strict restrictions as long as it looks harmonious. Textiles and decorative elements such as curtains, cushions placed on the couches and chairs play an important and essential role in palace living rooms.

Ceiling and lighting:

Palace design

Decorate ceiling in drawings and ancient artistic paintings or it can have a floral decoration, the beauty of these designs depends on their aged natural colors. Bespoke ornaments on a high ceiling will look impressive.

Palace floor design:

What distinguishes luxury palace is its floor design. Marble floor with unique waterjet designs includes beautiful patterns exclusive to one palace only. Whichever style interior you choose the marble floor design will complement the overall look.

Designing palace in luxury ways is a complex process that will take time, because of the amount of the rooms, areas, and spaces that need to be thought through. Entrusting the creation of your palace to experts will make it smooth and help you achieve luxurious residence in a faster time frame.

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