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Selecting a color for the void space is the most important factor in décor. While choosing the color of the walls is a very hard decision because you simply cannot change them easily if you don't like the color or you find it too strong or unfitting with the atmosphere.

With the unlimited options of colors and their gradients, fortunately, the color psychology has made it easier, it has determined the perfect color for each void.

The following colors are suitable for the kitchen

In the kitchen, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green are all suitable colors. Each has a variety of degrees to help give different effects on the kitchen interior and so it helps to give a space for movement and vitality to the void.


red kitchen design

Warm colors like red are the best for appetite and it is an excellent choice for kitchens and dining rooms. There are many degrees of red that suit the walls, cabinets or furniture in the kitchen.


white kitchen design

The color of energy, most people start their day in the kitchen to eat breakfast. The white color helps in energizing you and waking you up because it’s the color of purity and energy. It is also suitable for cabinets, tables, and walls. You can also have your whole kitchen in white.


gay kitchen design

It is a cool toned color but is suitable for most home decors. If you combine all of its gradients together for the kitchen you will get the best result because it combines well with almost all of the other colors. You can either include it in the kitchen or even make it the main color.


blue kitchen design

It’s another suitable color for the kitchen. The lighter gradients of the color create a clear pure atmosphere. It is advisable to use it for cabinets, walls, and ceilings. Blue provide energy for work, and it works best when used without a certain order because too much blue will have a negative effect. You can use the darker gradients of it but along with some white or gray so you won’t have a dark gloomy space.


yellow kitchen design

It’s the perfect fit for kitchens. It can illuminate the void imitating the real sunlight, and it can easily make people feel hungry, as it is an excellent appetizer. So it is also suitable for dining rooms. It makes a small kitchen look brighter and wider and it works best with white and gray.


green kitchen design

Is a smart choice for the kitchen and the best green gradients for the kitchen is mint green and the green apple color? It combines really well with white and the color of wood brown. And for a bolder look mix it with Emerald color. It can be used for cabinets or walls or even floors.