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The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has brought to a standstill our various habits in the short term, but its effects will continue into the foreseeable future.

While restaurants and service-based businesses make up a large portion of the design industry's customers, the question is: How do we proceed?

What solutions can designers and architects of the new world produce to save the hospitality industries and provide a safe experience for society?

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With the growing crisis, hospitality designers and architects focus on social projects and contactless systems, reworking existing projects and launching new ones. This means that we can expect to see major changes in hotels, restaurants, spa, cafe etc.

Hospitality designers express the name of post-pandemic future designs as flexibility. They work to create spaces that can evolve with the facts of public health, the needs and preferences of guests, and they emphasize that these concepts should be designed to look ahead.

Perception of Hygiene

You need to rethink the design of guest spaces to include visible hygiene signs. This means hard surfacing and less porous flooring.

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It is a fact that the design of the post-pandemic future will take shape with an approach similar to the rise of non-touching functionality in spaces such as restaurants, hotels; and it will make us to live in more automation world such as automatic active doors and faucets, running by Artificial Intelligence.

Beyond that, guests will want to see some visual evidence that their health has been preserved.

Designers have been working on attractive solutions that are clearly displayed instead of invisible and non-shown apparatuses.

Airflow Systems

The outbreak will likely affect issues that undertake in hospitality design areas airflow systems.

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The idea of ​​using higher-caliber airflow systems in hospitality properties, something operators may be starting to spend a lot of money, will be a new trend for health and well-being.

Check-in Point

Check-in point is one of the first places of human interaction between guests and staff in an every sense.

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The areas known for hospitality, retail, healthcare and other commercial designs have undergone a possible change and are optimized for a forward contactless experience to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and possible outbreaks that could threaten public health in the future.


The main purpose of the new hospitality design will be to create multi-functional spaces.

So, it should offer lightweight and easy-to-move options, and you can start putting these areas into one site.

Instead of dividing people into room with claustrophobic devices such as grey or similar with clinic walls, and giant white screen, you can attract them with more interesting, flat-walled objects by applying attentive ideas with appealing layout.

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You can build health-friendly places with bookmarks that encourage people to keep them apart, and graphic lines to guide guests safely, around and outside.

You can combine new social distance indications to match the colors, texts and graphics of the space and make them as interesting and effective as possible while building a safe environment.

Food / Beverage Habits

Hospitality designers do not see the future for buffet at the restaurants, hotels or cafes.

Guests will no longer find the idea of ​​a buffet attractive as the meals are exposed to airborne particles.

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In general, dining options in the venues will focus on social distance.

Buffet may be a new option for special dining night in the private guest rooms.

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