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Interior design is the life in which we live. It's what surrounds us of furniture, colors, materials, walls, windows and doors, it's our lives at home, work, school, university and hospital building and everything we use. So what we're seeing from errors or positive things they all affect us whether positively or negatively to make us feel upset whenever we use this space.

Interior design and Humans are linked to each other strongly. Each one makes the other, and each one knows the other and explain it, just like the Aquarium it needs fishes inside to become an aquarium otherwise it would be a plain glass box. Also, the buildings need people to use them for certain functionality otherwise, they would be empty facilities of no value. So designers must study the human behavior, actions, and psyche in general before starting an interior and exterior design.

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For example, in overcrowded homes, faded furniture pieces, non-consistent and not comfortable will reflect on the person’s actions and he would give up on this space or tries to change it if he could. So when designing the furniture we should take into account not only the function but its exterior shape, colors, and materials, so they would be comfortable for the eye and body too.

In companies that have swarms of similar dull wood or metal desks, will reflect on the employees so they will not work efficiently and with quality. The reason is the lack of comfort and the boredom of these monotonous gloomy spaces. To break the routine, we can add a lot of colors on the walls or chairs, change and configure the spaces to make them comfortable for the eye and the soul in all these colors, so the employees will yield better.

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The spaces design is what allows people to be more open to their neighbors at home and their colleagues at work or to be isolated. It is what a person to be more creative by activating the imagination and skills. The design of spaces is not about the blanks themselves, but about the place, you will be living and in which you will spend most of your day working in.