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When planning to create a comfortable, elegant house we look for a design that is timeless and would maintain its identity and beauty even if the designs and decors change as the days go by.

ALGEDRA designers advise you to use old decors with a modern touch and one of the basics colors, the classical style and the old styles (the renaissance). These styles use colored precious wood, ivory and precious stones, the most widely used wood in the Renaissance era was the walnut, and large pieces of furniture with strong bases and usually leaning on the wall.

The classic style is usually the first choice for many people because it combines luxury, beauty and comfort. The detailed hand carvings on its furniture that is made of Beech, oak and mahogany wood is what distinguish this style from the other styles. Usually, the inscriptions were French gold foils that are aged or painted in silver. That is why those who are big fans of Originality and durability usually go for this decor style. Its elegance and its presence are not complete until the completion of all of its parts from furniture to the accessories.

The classic style

This style is known for its warm colors like a wine red. You can use sofas in Golden, olive or wine red or combined together or you can add light blue with gold. It’s preferable to use thick fabrics to reflect the luxury. Walls are colored in aged paintings of colors that are suitable for the rest of the decor. This style is rich in accessories such as luxurious large wall paintings in golden frames, crystal chandeliers, along with hidden yellow lights, table lamps in the corners and Gypsum wall inscriptions.

Another decor style that is also known for its luxury is the French decor (The era of the family of prion), the French house resembled an exhibition. The French designs are known for their beautiful royal designs. This style uses bamboo, decorations and carvings, shells, Bronze and geometric shapes fillings. Ebony was preferred to use. They are used to slice it too thin pieces and stuck it on pear wood floors, ivory was used with ebony to lessen its blackness.

Italian style

Italian style

The Italian decor combined between the traditional and the modern style, which is what distinguishes it from the other styles. It holds its own kind of luxury and elegance.

 The creativity of the Italian art is highlighted through the paintings Fine paintings and engravings, which brings us back to the beautiful historic palaces, in addition to the columns which are one of the basics of the Italian style and the corridors.

Even though there are new modern designs that are included in the Italian decor but it keeps its own character. Perhaps the modern additions may appear in colors such as beige, brown, light gray and white. But in general colors like dark blue, maroon and olive they reflect the nobility and the beauty of the furniture pieces by maintaining their high-end royal elegance that everyone desires.