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The concept of eclectic, derived from the Greek word "eklektikos", means to choose the best by highlighting multiple interior design styles along with a mix-match of decor schemes to characterize spaces that don't fit into a single style.

Creating a brand new home needs rich, layered, utterly different by selecting elements from variety styles, contrasting hues and colors to catch cohesive, beautiful rooms, which these are characteristics of style to pop up eclectic in decor to bring harmony to portray magnitude effect. 

Intriguing, deep, multilayered and grandeur this style also can be in different cultures and time periods.

Thinking outside of the box with a no-holds-barred approach for a successful eclectic design scheme is not a random segregation. Home furnishings and decor along with an aforethought and planned layout that is unified by items that blend each other through color, shape, texture, finish or scale is crucial.

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However it is vital to follow the fundamentals of interior design when decorating with an eclectic to create a harmonious interior, you need to have an impeccable taste and knowledge, so it is necessary to work with professionals.

Here, you will find basic principles of eclectic interiors, keep reading;

  1. Mixing of two or three styles;
  2. The eclectic style arrangement allows the use of various decorative materials: wood, stone, metal, glass and fabric. Plastic accessories and furniture will also be appropriate when oriented with the background and flooring;
  3. Unlike modern styles, eclectic does not provide an abundance of bright color palette;
  4. Stylistic elements (furniture, decor, colors, texture, materials) should be naturally intertwined, balanced.
  5. It is characterized by a combination of functionality, meticulous shapes and soft lines

Eclectic style house always looks comfortable, beautiful and exceptional.

Catch serenity with core palette

Neutral white and gray have influence upon eclectic style while decorating with upholstery, textile or furniture which you may freely add, subtract, and easily see results to promote cohesion.

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Moody black, emerald green, and bright coral palette make contrast with wood and brass tones to pop.


Large key pieces and layouts are essential while editing for optimal flow. Each piece of furniture should complement the other room to serve a purpose.

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Natural fabrics, ethnic or oriental-patterned pillows, bright cushions and plain curtains in which vivid or contrasting colors, will add tranquility to the room to have fresh air.

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Texture Diversity:

Repeat and change textures to create an eclectic home that is visually and tactually stimulating. Pair smooth with rough, hard with soft and coarse with fine and look for interesting ways to compare patterns, textures and finishes.

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Decoration Items:

Creating a diverse decor is now easy by combining framed and unframed pieces, intriguing objects and sculptures. Change the scale and ratio and look for correlations in color, theme, and motif.

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Nothing looks out of place, rooms easily flow from one to the other, and even the most inharmonious items seem to coalesce.

Rhythm and Repetition

Similar lines, shapes, colors, textures are a must-have of interior design throughout space for eclectic style.

Bring in some elements that echo the motif. Cushions, rug and mirror will give a sense of cohesive look.

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Eclectic style is playful due to the element of surprise by elevating the feel of your room. However tight editing will keep the room from feeling discordant and clutter, rather than well-curated and chic.

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