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Most city dwellers dream of having a private outdoor area, even if it's just a relatively small balcony. If you're fortunate enough to have such a balcony, you owe it to not only yourself but also to all of your friends to take full advantage of it. This entails going above and beyond simply setting up a lawn chair and starting to call it a day.

In order to enjoy the outdoors and the breeze, the decor and seating arrangements are essential. Therefore, be sure to consider the space's size when designing the ideal balcony for yourself to prevent the area from appearing or feeling cluttered. We'll go into great detail about how a balcony should be built in this guide so you can make the most of one of your home's best spaces.

1- Putting in built-in seating

Use built-in bench seating to make the most of your available space. Furthermore, you'll never have to worry about strong winds toppling your furniture or, even worse, sending it flying.

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2- A Swing  

Installing a swing on your balcony will allow you to take in the scenery from a higher vantage point. When you want to enjoy reading or sipping coffee, a small balcony is the ideal place for a stylish swing with a coffee table.

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3- Add Wicker Furniture

Without a few pieces of furniture, a balcony isn't complete. You'll require a place to sit and unwind. So why not furnish your balcony with a set of wicker furniture to add a contemporary touch? Create a calm and tranquil space on your balcony by adding cozy wicker sofas, a table, and other furnishings to make it fully functional.

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4- A Picnic Spot

Transform your balcony into a garden to bring the outdoor entertainment inside. You can have a mini-picnic if you install artificial grass for the flooring and add some cozy pillows and blankets.

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5- Make It More Ethnic

To give your balcony a desi twist, adopt a traditional and classic style. Bring in chairs, poufs, candlestick holders, an ottoman, and upholstered sofas with ethnic designs. To enhance the overall appearance of this area, add an uruli with floating candles and flowers.

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6- Choose Compact Furniture

If your balcony is small, avoid overcrowding it with unnecessary items. Choose compact pieces of furniture that offer comfort without sacrificing space-saving functionality. To make it more enjoyable, add a little greenery. You can choose folding tables and chairs so that everything can be neatly stored away when not in use.

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7- Storage 

Because every inch counts, those who live in apartments understand the value of storage. Your balcony can be used as storage if your home's rooms aren't big enough. Bring those extra side cabinets or chests of drawers inside and set them up on your balcony to store everything.

8- Include greenery

Fill your balcony with planters full of lush vegetation to give it the appearance of the backyard you've always wanted. Your balcony will smell as good as it looks by adding some herbs.

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9- Choose floor pillows

Especially if you're just renting, there's no need to spend money on outdoor furniture. Purchase some multicolored, cozy, and multipurpose floor pillows.

10- Use an outdoor rug to add patterns.

You can make your balcony look better by adding a patterned rug or runner. Make sure to pick one that can withstand the elements.

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