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Luxurious castles are the best option for those who seek luxury and dream high-end quality homes. This dream has become a reality with ALGEDRA’s designers who will take care of it from the fence that surrounds your dream palace to the smallest interior details in the palace.

 The fence which is the first impression of the place must be suitable with the place. It can be in the shape of old Romanian columns that connect between walls of carved stone or in a modern style made of colored stone (granite) with rectangular slots that contain units of colorful lighting and surveillance cameras. The fence can also take the famous arc figure of all Arab designs that is a component of white stone that is universally known containing natural colored veins.

 The Garden with corridors that lead into the place is an external artistic panel that has traditional artistic forms and scattered trees in the park in an artistic way and closes to the summer swimming pools, to enjoy lying under the shade of the trees.

 The stairs leading to the palace are often made of marble or granite encased in carpeting that is special for stairs in multiple colors to the grandeur of the place.

 The internal section of the palace contains distinctive paintings. The reception hall has artistic gilded paintings that adorn the ceiling and contain fine inscriptions geometric patterns that might be old Arabic, Islamic or Italian. Lighting comes from luxurious crystal chandeliers with other smaller chandeliers that are dispersed systematically on both sides of the ceiling.

 Luxury Palaces Design

 Walls decorations are inspired by Greek and European palaces from the old poles, tires, and various motifs that are  harmonious with the place that will help add to the hall more excellence and glamor.

 Lighting is a luxurious crystal chandelier with other smaller chandeliers and regularly scattered on both sides of the roof. Also, note the design of a very distinctive chandeliers and wall decorations innovative artistic touch added luxury and a sophisticated appearance in an innovative way.

 Lighting is provided by a luxurious crystal chandelier with other smaller chandeliers that are systematically scattered on both sides of the ceiling and we must also note that the very distinctive design of the chandeliers and the wall decorations add a luxurious and a sophisticated appearance to the place.

 The bedrooms in their high-end royal designs provide the ultimate relaxation, gilded in multiple colors. They contain stone fireplaces and have a special section for a private room setting decorated in French furniture and Iranian carpet designed professionally, and crystal chandeliers for illumination ranging from small and large taking into account the size of the place, in addition to the bath which is made of the best types of granite.

luxury bathroom design

 Natural Plants have their areas in the palace along with the carved statues and artistic angles to add vitality and refreshment to the whole palace.

 As for the furniture it is classic with gold edges or it is in distinctive Italian designs, in fabrics of silk and velour that are elegant and have a special luster to them. For more excellence you can choose fabrics in fine inscriptions and blend between two different fabrics between the couch, chairs, and pillows. The red accents in the curtains and chairs fabrics add a sense of warmth and radiance. The Red seems more wonderful when mixed with gold and black. The floors can be a parquet or marble and granite.

Elegance and luxury do not mean a commitment to neutral colors only. Bold and strong colors can provide vitality and brightness to the room, without being inconsistent with the grandeur, especially if you choose consistent colors and distribute them properly.

Gray is also a stylish color and ideal to give a touch of luxury, especially if placed next to the silver or gold.

The Kitchen and dining room are as important as the rest of the rooms in the palace. For the dining hall add a large table surrounded by chairs that are upholstered in velour, as for the table it is decorated with gold table lamps decorated with crystals and natural roses.