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Contemporary interior design is trendy and modern style, which can be expressed in versatile looks taking transformation with time and innovations.

Emerged from combination of minimalism, Scandinavian and constructivism with addition of décor items from various styles and era, that add a character to this style.

Contemporary style is based on ideology of simplicity, minimalism and functionality, doesn’t have strict restrictions. Which makes it great choice to go for residential interior design, commercial design and hospitality.

As it takes different forms of expression for you to be able identify contemporary style here are the main

Elements of contemporary interior design:

Spacious space planning

The layout of house in contemporary interior is predominantly open plan, avoiding barriers and rather zoning out spaces with furniture, colors and textures. Creating spaces seamlessly connected with each other.

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Simple lines and forms

No excessive decorative details on the walls, ceiling or floor. Contemporary is distinguished by simple lines and defined clear forms in decoration, rooms layout and in furniture.

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Contemporary style is all about functionality as from the origin it emerged with idea of make space and furniture in it as functional as possible without needless details.

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Use of natural quality materials

Sustainability and use of organic materials in contemporary style is one of core elements, as well as use of innovative materials.

Marble, limestone, granite used widely in floor, walls and kitchen surfaces as well as solid wood and wooden panels used for the floor or walls.

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Mix of textures

Textures combinations in contemporary style interior is one of the key elements where raw brick or concrete walls can be mixed with sleek surfaces, chrome and glass in unexpected harmony creating elegant designs.

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Color pallet:

Main colors of contemporary style are neutrals, earthy colors and white color. Bright colors are used in Décor items and furniture as addition to create contrast and eye catchy comfort looks.

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Lighting is important element and in contemporary style interior design is common use of natural light. Big bare windows without curtains that allow a lot of light inside is one of characteristics of this style. Instead of curtains blinds and shades are used when needed.

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Contemporary interior design lighting chandeliers are unique forms. Hidden accent lighting used for the accent of the lines and shapes. Stylish floor lamps add ambience.


Contemporary style furniture mostly basic form beautiful shapes comfort oriented. Straight lines or curved, sometimes unusual geometric forms.

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Metal finishes

Metal finishes in contemporary come in different forms and incorporated in various areas. Such finishes like stainless steel, copper and chrome add extra luxurious feel in furniture, bathroom and other décor details.

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Unique art and home décor items

Unique art and home décor items are integral parts of contemporary that give this style it’s character.

Minimalism in this style is considered only partially as a base to create the canvas for the extravagant focal points in form of art objects and décor items that represent personality of the home owner.

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Contemporary interior design style can be from very classy to very futuristic, and without strict restrictions gives home owners freedom to experiment and express themselves with exceptional ideas keeping home interior elegant and stylish.

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