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The design process depends on innovation and configuration, Through the collection of elements from the environment and put them in a specific configuration to give anything a function or meaning and some differentiate between configuration and design because some consider configuration as part of the design process because the design intervene with the human thought, experience and different personal taste.

The definition of interior design:

- It Is to prepare a place to perform its function with minimal effort that includes the floors, walls, ceilings and fixtures. It is also known as the art of addressing the void or space and all its dimensions in a way that exploit all the design elements in aesthetic manner that helps to work inside the building.

- It is also the planning and innovation based on certain architectural data to work on bringing this plan into existence and then implement it in all places and spaces, whatever the purpose of their use and character through the use of different materials and appropriate colors and appropriate cost.

- Characterized as an optimal way to develop appropriate solutions for difficulties in the field of movement in the space and the ease of using the furniture and equipment and to also make the space comfortable and unique as per the conditions and aesthetic standards and a method of fun and joy to suit every taste and this is what AlGEDRA company for interior design look towards present to forward.

- It is also the broad perception and awareness of all architectural matters and details especially internal ones and it is also the knowledge in ores and how to use them, it is also the knowledge of furniture and its measurements and distribution in the domestic space according to their purposes and colors to get the perfect design.

algedra architecture interior design

- And it is also the knowledge of other decor elements such as lighting distribution, flowers coordinating and the use of accessories in their appropriate place.

ALGEDRA Experts present some important basics for a successful design by using certain decor concepts that work on assembling the room parts together and connect between the various objects in the room. And to make the space visually and emotionally satisfying.

These concepts are:

  • Unit.
  • The scale and proportionality.
  • Balance.
  • Harmony and frequency.
  • Activity Center (Focus point).
  • Shape and lines.
  • Texture and embossing.
  • the color.


Taking into account that these concepts are not specific rules but they work as a guide to develop the design.

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