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1. Fendi Casa

Since 1986, Fendi Casa was created to make the OST elegant interior designs and high-quality furniture. It is an Italian brand name that works in interior design and fashion. It was able to portray the Italian traditional life style with a constant renewal by the modern and distinctive ways.

2. Bonaldo

Bonaldo products are made in Italy since 1938 by the best designers and manufactured by a team of experts. They satisfy different tastes and they are available in a wide collection of colors, decorations, and fabrics. You can find designs that suit all public and private spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, offices and many others.

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3. DelightFULL

It is a Portuguese company specialized in designing electrical lamps in different shapes and types. To fulfill all tastes, the designs combine between the old heritage in terms of quality and the modern requirements in terms of the beauty of the shapes. Also, it designed a wide range of furniture from chairs, tables, cabinets and others.


A very famous international company specialized in selling house furniture. It produces and sells ready-home furniture, accessories, cookware and others. It is the largest producer of furniture in the world. Founded in 1943 in Sweden and began to spread all over the world, including Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

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5. Kartell

An Italian company that produces and sells plastic furniture. Milan is its headquarters, Kartell was founded in 1949, expanded in 1963, and it has become famous because of the work designed by the famous Ana Castelli.