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 Who of us have never thought of owning a wonderful apartment that can be designed just the way it is meant to be, to live to its potentials without any boundaries or limits of space or location?       The penthouse is the perfect choice to go with, for it is located in the tops of sky  choice to apply your dream interior design.scrapers and buildings, and usually it comes in a Duplex system with extra height to the ceiling and vast space which makes it the perfect


With a largely wide glass panoramic view that might be taking over the entire wall overlooking at the city below, it makes it an endless resource of creativity in interior design world by combining this view into the decoration of the apartment. Classic style would be a great choice to pursue, symbolizing a steep majestic castle up in the sky. You could also go with the brilliant artistic details of contemporary style, trending in with the latest revolutionary ideas made by the greatest minds in the business. ALGEDRA, however, picked another perspective that simply would satisfy your basic needs from owning a penthouse, it is the need of peace and quiet and the levitation above all the noise, and the MINIMALIST modern style serves that need the most.


The Minimalist style Brings out the greatest qualities of the penthouse décor, with a clean empty walls except for a modern piece of art, with a complementing color to the panoramic view, to express the vast of the place. Clean walls help maintain the focus on the fundamentality of the outside view, bringing it to the centered-background of the sight.


The most essential quality of Minimalist style is the absence of clutter. It is the keyword to this style so it provides the utmost comfort and relaxation through the free of movement. The living room furniture would come in its minimum, usually as an L shaped sofa in the corner of the room, providing space for the rest of it.

Even the bedroom would appear with clean vast mode, dropping the closet and other pieces of furniture except for the bed centered in the room, while hiding all clothes and accessories inside a closet room so the bedroom would maintain quietness to be easy on the eye.


The penthouse always comes with an exterior terrace that can be designed to fit a small homey garden with a small area to sit and relax, or it can be modified to fit in a personal swimming pool overlooking at the world downwards, so you can lean on its edge and feel the wonder of being floating up in the air above all the crowd down there.