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You decided to design your dream home and wonder how long will the interior design process take?

Interior design process is a complex solution of bringing together creativity, imagination, knowledge, resources, and functionality into a harmonious blend that makes the dreams come true.  How long will it take will depend on a number of factors. Let's have a better look at what to expect and when you can start planning to move into your newly designed home.

Understanding the process in detail and the estimated time frame will prevent from the disappointment of false expectations, and will make your journey into the world of interior design enjoyable.

Here is the ultimate guide to the interior design process of the residential turnkey project.

There are few main stages of the interior design and their time frames vary:

Getting to know the designer and design brief

The first stage of the process is to meet your designer and discuss your vision of the desired interior project. Read more on what you need to know before hiring interior designer.

In the initial meeting you will discuss the nature of the project, are you designing a villa, palace, apartment, beach house, maybe redesigning part of the existing house? Location, the purpose of the spaces, will review drawings of construction and discuss the budget for the project, this is important to find the best suitable design solutions. At this stage, you will establish a personal connection with the designer, which will help to choose the most suited style for your exclusive project, and will explore the designer’s portfolio in-depth to catch some inspiration. After the first design brief, you will get from your designer an approximate time frame on completion of your project.

Interior Design Company in Dubai

This is when the magic begins, where the team of designers and engineers come together to begin creating your dream home. That includes brainstorming on coming up with a design solution for the concept, sketches, patterns, materials, color schemes, and space allocation, which leads to the next stage.

Concept presentation and design proposal

Exciting moment when you will be presented the concept of the future design in mood boards and sketches, elevation plans, samples and have a discussion on all the details of the future interior.

Interior Design Company in Dubai

Interior decoration can be overwhelming with so many possible choices. By hiring interior designer, you benefit from their ability to scout unique decor items, any materials and source what is needed to develop your ideas into reality in shorter time.  Once you agree on the concept and initial design proposal your project will move to the next stage.

Space planning and architectural detailing

This stage includes first architectural drawings with space planning, furniture layout, electrical, and switches power points. Pro tip: it is best to involve interior designers at the earliest stage if you building your new villa for designer to coordinate those matters with the contractor, which will save you time and eliminate any restriction of the desired interior.

Interior Design Company in Dubai

In the same period, furniture designs and decor selection are happening. You may still make changes to your project at this point.  After receiving three-dimensional designs, you will be able to see your future dream home in the full picture.

Once the final design and its final budget are approved you will move to the last stage of the design project.

Design implementation

At this stage ordering and production of furnishings starts. Bear in mind some items might take a long time to be produced. Receiving all parts, furniture, reviewing, and refinishing might take up to 3 months, allow some time on unforeseen events that might affect the delivery time.

Interior Design Company in Dubai

Simultaneously fit-out works will commence so to be ready for receiving furniture and decor on time.

After installation and final touches of decor, project handover, and few formalities you will be a happy homeowner of unique luxurious interior design.

In conclusion interior design process time will vary depending on:

The space size, chosen style, and complexity of the project. Small villa design, two floors villas, or palace design duration will not be the same. Keep in mind that high-quality villa designs require time, but with the expertise of talented designers’ team who guide you step by step through each stage, the process will be pleasant and achieved in the fastest possible pace.

Interior Design Process

Estimated time frame, which is entirely subjective, might take from few months up to 2 years depending on your project size and ambitions, but it worth waiting when you get superior interior design. 

Are you ready to start your journey of interior decoration with us and experience the process at its best?

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