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Looking for bathroom design ideas, but you don’t know where to start?

Algedra interior designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have unlimited capacity to design the most luxurious and inspiring space to reinforce details that need utmost attention yet creative perspectives. We strive to create dynamic, warm and aesthetically appealing spaces for users.

Discover dozens of unique, stylish bathroom design projects for your own space remodel. Here are latest compelling bathroom collections designed by Algedra;

Classic Dreamland

This classic bathroom is a nod to the home's mid-century origins.


small bathroom ideas on a budget


The classic sink contrasts with the opulent marble countertop of a vanity designed in true antique style – a floating mirror match.

Classic elements like the tub that is reinforced with gold accents, and artwork on the wall mix with elegance and gracious touches, including white and black Carara marble that bring a luxury look.

Calming Effects

This big bathroom has a serene foundation: wooden look covering walls and repeated elements of sink that show tranquil ambiance of natural materials.


modern bathroom tiles


What takes this bathroom into seriously chic territory is zen-style soft glimpse and a bright yet functional use of bathtub and shower cabinet.

It is a total relaxation haven that has a spa-similar replacement.

Playful Bathroom Design

Bath time becomes infinitely more fun with blending harmony of white finish that covers mirror, and chosen materials that add a feeling of art amenities nearby


bathroom marble design


Polished plaster, marble tiles and brass fixtures are a winning combination, as Algedra proofs here.

Pinky Gracious

On trend  a pink bathroom expanding your visual oasis. Urge of playful interior will claim your creativity, and mesmerize your simplest and minimal but nature love inside.


washroom ceiling design


This pink bathroom idea offers up a heavy dose of fresh, edgy, urban but modern design inspiration with peachy tones and elegant interior scheme, and these simple bathroom tiles are given a style update by arranging clean and plain formation.

Metallic finishes

This bathroom exudes an unusual, modern world appeal through the use of different shades of gray and brown. Everything is natural, but the color is not dominant and extragratted, and mixes with other neutrals like the pedestal sink. Metallic-finish sinks, wall features, and subdued lighting create drama and a cozy atmosphere.


master bathroom layout


This space is both gorgeous and airy, whilst offering a beautiful outlook of the room. The generous use of neutral colors gives this space a unique, subtle flavor.


luxury modern bathrooms


The glossy white, black and gray marble tiles with brown veins in this bathroom create a very eye-catching nuance. Then the special lighting on the bathtub enhances the beauty of the room very well.

Decorative earthy bathroom

With the brown mosaic tile on one side of the room, this bathroom looks decorative in a very natural way alongside the classic tub and modern shower cabinets. Then, the white and brownish shower area neutralizes bathroom gorgeously.


 small bathroom tiles design


Peacock artwork carved out to the wall becomes an outstanding focal point, and helps to colorize its neutral nuance while it brings out the calming and catchy look that makes the bathroom feel so joyful.

These are some great inspirations for bathroom interior designs that you can use as the ultimate reference when you want to embrace such a style, and to beautifully combine all the colors and elements of the room to create a dazzling yet exclusive decoration that everyone will love.

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