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Loft style dates back 20th century where was born in America that large amount of people in need of living spaces settled in non-residential industrial buildings.

Nowadays, this style is very popular. Interior design of loft style is a surprisingly unique and harmonious structure that is used with a combination of different styles from vintage to modern, or retro to contemporary.

This style is perfect for decorating a part of a country house, or mansion, a city apartment or a living room. The loft style will be appreciated by avant-garde fans and experimental amateurs, as well as creators who are open to everything new and prefer space.

Characteristics of loft style

Based on the peculiarities of that era, the basic concept of this style was born with maximum freedom in the rooms and the presence of an atmosphere of complete democracy in the house. That is why the design of the loft-style living room hints at the presence of partitions in the room, a combination of finishing materials, as well as the latest achievements and objects of science and technology.

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A modern loft means an avant-garde solution in the design of penthouses. Fashion designers in this style determine the style of the room for an industrial interior. This is supported by modern finishing materials that allow you to create the visual illusion of any floor and give the walls the desired texture.

Ergonomics and layouts

High ceilings and expansive windows are main features of arbitrary layout of loft style living room design. Most often it is used blinds instead curtains. Raw natural floor, modern soft carpets are a combination of living room design for this style.

This original approach allows us significant savings on the purchase of modern and expensive furniture and finishing materials. Everything can be used safely, and you can modernize it a little and modify it as you wish.

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Zoning can be achieved in loft style living rooms by glass walls or doors, use of plastic partitions or, in extreme cases, a library.

The loft style is simply characterized by clear shapes, open-plan spaces, simple decor, strict horizontal and vertical lines, unclad walls or bricks, the presence or imitation of open structural elements - beams, iron columns.

Primary colours

Loft means attic, so that means neutral tones in dark yet dusty colours might be applied. However, interior designers suggest that you should trust your gut and tastes, and loft style is very flexible, so it allows you to improvise, and experiment in your interiors. Whereas the most classic colours that have been used for a long time while decorating a loft are beige, brown, white, gray. On the other hand, accents that are used in tones of black, silver, dark blue, orange, green, purple and olive.

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Use of Furniture

Decor and design are the central part of the loft style living room and start with the use of a sofa. Sofa should be massive and covered with leather yet high quality elements and comfort need to be a coveted part of the room.

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Bear in mind that the loft style living room design implies the presence of poufs and armchairs, and a large number of seats.


Lighting materials should have a more concise and simple shape. They should be plain and harmoniously integrated into the overall color palette of the room.

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