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House renovating is one of the life essentials. It helps in changing the routine and general atmosphere that we are used to, but it is also hard due to the high cost and the great effort needed for the process. The following ideas by ALGEDRA Interior Design change the house decoration quickly and in ease and the results are a magnificent decor and a new villa.

 New wall plaques:

wall plaques design

You can add new wall plaques in different shapes and sizes in many corners. For example, the living room or the dining room; these wall plaques should match the design of the rooms and the colors have to be consistent with it too. It’s simple but it does a major change in renewing the whole atmosphere.


paintings and furnishing room

By changing the room paint or adding a wallpaper in a different design and different colors on all the walls or one part of the wall will give a completely different look to the old one.


You can cultivate some plants and small flowers or can add basins for plants, such a simple task is relaxing and it also withdraws the negative energy from the house. Also, it renews the appearance of the home superbly.

 Small antiques:

antiques styles

Using decoration pieces like vases, pictures, candle holders and wall clocks drastically changes the room pattern, gives a sense of renewal and at the same time, it is a small change that gives the room vitality.


The furniture in the dining and living rooms can be re-upholstered and the use of new fabrics in different patterns and bright colors adds a new and fun atmosphere to the room.


Curtains are considered the most important factors affecting the elegance of the décor. The general appearance of the void can be changed by changing the curtains for general using tasseled curtains for the kitchen or children’s bedroom adds a sense of fun to the atmosphere.


Pillo style

Distributing brightly colored pillows in modern patterns and different sizes in a room to sit on the sofas and the floor or in the bedroom are essential in the process of renewing home décor. Pillows can be switched from time to time for a renewed appearance which is always a simple and quick step.

 Walls shouldn't be boring:

This idea is easy and fantastic, painting one of the walls in a different color within special patterns for example striped or scrambling it with freestyle paintings. Children can participate in decorating this wall or it can be a memorial wall for guests or friends for them to add their own touches to this wall.

 Chaos is a form of art:

form of art

The pieces shouldn't all be consistent in colors, style, and ores. Decoration experts’ advice diversifying colors. If you have chosen a certain character for the living room, all of the pieces don’t have to be in the same colors. The color or curtains or tables can be in a different color this method will highlight the beauty of the main color.


Good illumination is the key to making the room vital and welcoming. Increase the brightness around the house to show its aesthetic side properly. You can also involve illumination in decorating the house by choosing modern pieces or antique pieces for more luxury.

 Mix materials:

To renovate the home decor, you can mix between old and modern pieces, such as adding a modern glass table or a modern desk in the midst of a classical room.


Mirror decoration design

Mirrors provide a special and beautiful appearance to the villa. It is not just a decoration piece but adds vitality to the house. It also has a major role in adding breadth to the house and is a major part of the decor in a luxurious House, thus, you must be very accurate when choosing one.


Vases in different sizes can be used to fill spaces between rooms and adding an attractive touch. You can put fragrant flowers in them for the living room and entrance. Long vases can be used to highlight long windows.