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Methods of Lighting and Lighting Distribution in Interior Design

The interior design is a kind of art that occupies empty spaces and places by adding furniture, lighting, and decorations which are the basics of interior design.

“ALGEDRA Interior Design” has always offered the best designs that will be suitable for your taste and needs. Starting from the color shades, shapes, lines and the coordination between all of them to give the most innovative designs.

The internal lighting is a very important factor in interior design, as the beauty of the design won’t show unless the lighting is positioned in a very professional angle. “ALGEDRA Interior Design” paid a great attention to it by taking consideration the aura needed in each room and corner and hence here are some few methods explained according to each room.

Study Room:

There are many types of lighting, some are intense especially in a room designed for reading, studying or work etc. In addition to the intense lighting, there is also peripheral lighting that runs in parallel with the room’s task because office and computer rooms need an ambient lighting in addition to a special lamp for reading.

modern dining room


While the kitchen needs many types of lighting such as the intense lighting for the cooking and a dim backlighting that is under the sink and in the upper and lower cabinets.

oriental themed living room

Bright and Dim Lighting in Rooms:

While the room that has a bright lighting, it provides a positive and optimistic feeling just like the living rooms and salons that depend on the bright lighting. But the room that has a very dim lighting gives a sense of romance like the chamber designed for sleeping where we need comfort and intimacy.

There shouldn't be one type of lighting in one room, like a very bright or very dim lighting. You should rely on a moderated lighting to offer the right atmosphere from the right lighting to provide the right mood for the family members. And it is the atmosphere that “ALGEDRA Interior Design” offers in collaboration with lighting experts and engineers to provide the best lighting possible.

On the other hand, we should rely on light bulbs that fit the décor. It might be traditional like the large luxury chandeliers that suit the wide salons.

Also “ALGEDRA Interior Design” offers its experience in lighting distribution, like the lights hanging on the wall or the lights that give special lighting for any angle to show the aesthetic side, like lighting a mural for example.

well-lighted bedroom

Placement of Lights:

The need for a certain light bulbs and lighting depends on the room and the lighting it needs. Some rooms need a central lighting to spread all over the room in addition to side lightings like in living and dining rooms. While some rooms like the bedroom doesn't require a very bright lighting. The modern designs use two light bulbs at each side of the bed or on the wall or in hidden sides of it to distribute and soften the light, or a decorative lighting for the dressing table. The light shouldn’t be positioned directly to the mirror because it will reflect it and cause a very disturbing glow.

Providing many types light bulbs in the same room creates some kind of change and keeps away the gloomy and boring aura. And to make the lighting more fun you can put a few mural bulbs or floor bulbs and a lamp on a table in the room. All of this diversity will create a lighting harmony in the place.