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We all need entertainment in the holidays and the summer vacation, a modern pool is the perfect mean of entertainment in a private villa. Modern pools are distinguished for their cladding materials, designs, lighting and regulations.

The following are some tips for designing modern pools.

Pool design has become a freestyle art, even the traditional rectangular pool can be transformed into a masterpiece by selecting cladding materials made of blue glass, internal mosaic and clear waters, these will create the perfect view to relax next to.

You can use pools of natural free form, that have curvy edges that merge with the surrounding nature in a very eye catching way. You can use some chairs and umbrellas around the pool for sun bathing and cultivate some plants and shrubs to enjoy the nature and the clear waters.

Add a Jacuzzi next to the pool for relaxation purposes to eliminate the negative energy caused by stressful daily life.

modern swimming pool design

The swimming pool can be in ground level or a little bit high by changing the external cladding to black stones or ceramic for example, or glass for a modern touch.

Some interior design movements suggest the availability of an indoor pool to enjoy swimming in the winter or for privacy, the pool must be located in a closed internal lounge with a glass roof that is relatively high for proper lighting and ventilation and to form a terrific aesthetic look.

It is possible to use some exotic decors and designs for the ceiling that are useful in forming the aesthetic of the lounge and useful in lighting also and to provide a modern classic look to the pool.

As for lighting LED lights are used to reflect the beauty of the roof if it is an indoor pool or to highlight the beauty of the surrounding area for the outdoor swimming pool, lighting can be installed inside the swimming pool for a terrific modern appearance.

You can use some accessories such as fountains that make the swimming pool appear grandeur, or add waterfalls in the area surrounding the swimming pool for a beautiful appearance and the sound of the waterfall, which relaxes the nerves.