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The restaurant interior design plays a crucial role as it adds a great charm and character for having unforgettable moments, and keeps guests coming back to visit the place again. This is where Algedra interior designers come forefront who work to provide magnificent design and smooth implementation services by using international decorating methods and tools in a great way that suits the customer’s needs and requirements.

In the process of designing restaurants, the first rule likely to be considered is having no more white walls which are outdated, particularly in restaurants with narrow spaces. However, as we think attentively, two perspectives shape interior design and creative thinking as it leads us with 2 ways;

The first approach has a positive impact on visitors, which includes people who enter restaurants, where they see predominantly white color. This is a great indicator of impeccable places, which makes us feel comfortable with its beauty, sophistication, purity and cleanliness which has a great importance in the hospitality sector and its designs such as restaurants, hotels and others.

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The second way of thinking contains interior designers point of view, and underlining to refrain from this shades of color palette. In consideration of the fact that the issue of maintaining the purity and refinement of the white color is inconvenient due to time has its effect over the years, not to mention the complete isolation from the external atmosphere, which may cause change in color, so reflects negatively on the receptivity of visitors to it.

Certainly, hotel restaurant design is a different matter, and none of the above applies to them. But it is also a favorite which it should be to take into account.

By focusing on details of the restaurant design - expert advice from Algedra about restaurant design - we have designed and implemented many restaurants locally and in different countries over the world, we see that there is no general rule in design style. We have committed to adopt the new rules, especially imposed during the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic as long as they contain the main rules of practicality and functional efficiency, not only limited to public safety, from entrances, exit and isolation to places of food preparation, air movement, air conditioning, the study of the movement of visitors and workers, absence of conflict and crowds during daily action.

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Therefore, choosing a style, taking these and other things into consideration, is primarily an aesthetic and taste matter, and we would like to point out here that we do not have to follow a certain trend in the world of restaurant design, in this case, what is new today, will become tedious tomorrow, so what gives the restaurant its distinction is the idea to be followed in the design process, which everything starts with an idea.

There are many rules that we do not need in the design of homes, but they have a great importance in the world of hospitality, the ingenuity of thought in creating peculiar ideas that have lasting in the minds is what distinguishes restaurants in our time, not only its beauty, as the design of the restaurant is never required to be a reflection of the personality of its owner. Rather, this should be avoided unless the owner's personality is full of innovation.

restaurant interior design

For example, to set up a seafood restaurant, the entrance to the restaurant can be the mouth of a large shark, this is a boring idea, but if we add technology to it, such as reading information on screens that fill both sides of the place and accompany you during your walk, interspersed with sounds from the depths of the sea world, then you are here a little out of the stereotype. It is familiar, but if you add a slight movement to the floor that makes us feel as if we are on the back of a boat, then you will have created something in your restaurant design that will last a long time in the minds of its visitors.

And do not forget the focus and attention on the identity of the restaurant with its picturesque colors with the details of the elegant interior decoration, in which each element plays an important role in shaping this identity.

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The lighting and the unique design of the restaurant is your winning card in your competition with others. The first impression when entering any restaurant is to draw attention to the decoration and interior design of it, and here comes the importance of choosing a designer who is able to be creative and turn the decoration into a strong advertising style for your place.

We will sail no further, let's sail together into an endless world of new ideas in restaurant design with different character, modern or classic style or whatever, but also innovative and creative yet peculiar ideas.

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