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New traditional or modern traditional interior design style composes with timeless elegance, without choking us with the heaviness and stuffiness of the room with a relaxed as well as refined vibe, by adding a cheerful twist.

This interior design style mixes classic shapes, and elements of vintage charm in traditional decor. A room combines contemporary and transitional furniture. It creates the perfect balance of old and new that makes a space feel stylish and cozier at the same time.

Let's dive deeper into a few of the most common ingredients of new traditional interior design, furniture and decoration.

Harmony of Modern Design with Classic Elements

The new traditional rooms are spacious, blending in harmony with a modern design and plain layout. The furniture can have a modern form that keeps it looking fresh, but it is often covered with traditional fabrics. Or it can have a traditional design with a modern upholstery. The key is to effortlessly blend the old and the new.

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Furniture in glossy hues at new traditional rooms add a charm to any new traditional interior design homes. They are usually in a bold color, and eye-catching.

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Dark Accents

Whether it's a black piece of furniture or a midnight blue bookcase, you can often find a strikingly dark accent in the room.

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New traditional rooms almost always have at least one piece of chinoiserie. This kind of interior style that aligns with a room goes well with the chinoiserie stool as well as many new traditional elements, from patterned wallpaper to blue monochrome to the traditional skirted chaise longue.

Rich, Saturated Colors

Other than small quantities, you won't find too many pale colors in new traditional interior design style homes! The colors in the new traditional design are bold and rich.

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Contemporary Patterns

If it's a traditional form of furniture, it's most likely upholstered in a contemporary pattern and vice versa. You can see a lot of mods, geometric patterns in new traditional houses.

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Thick, Colorful Curtains

Curtains make a bold statement in new traditional homes. 

Intricate Pattern Wallpaper

You cannot miss the bold and intricately patterned wallpaper of new traditional interiors. It is often whimsical in nature and creates a sense of busyness in the room with motifs such as birds or flowers.

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Sum up:

The new traditional is a design style that goes more into the past than the mid-century modern, but some mid-century pieces can be incorporated into this type of decor style: The new traditional wave is about less and more than choosing a design period as inspiration. 

To recreate this style, think so old and so new: ornate crown molding is considered interesting and unique, neoclassical-inspired decor is so old it's new again.

Overall, at Algedra Interior Design Company in Dubai, we think the new traditional interior design style is too busy and not for the faint of heart. It can be overwhelming at times, but certainly Algedra has talented and professional interior designers who make it easy to combine all these contrasting colors and patterns.

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