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Today, in our article, we will start with a recent quote said by Engineer Tareq Skaik, Head of Design Department at Algedra Group, in which he states that the interior design process is like a trip, and before you go on a journey, you have to consider every detail for enjoying it  to the fullest.

What Eng. Tareq means in his speech that elaborate planning from the moment the decision is taken will lead to what is supreme in terms of aesthetics and functionality.  The most important thing to start with our design is to put the basic markings for the route of our journey, and to start with the correct engineering planning of the spaces, so our carelessness to this point at the beginning may be an obstacle to not getting what we want, so it's something we do not want to happen. Therefore, you can make the interior design of the house you love an enjoyable experience; all you need is to see an interior designer to take this first step, he/she will divide the spaces in a professional style, and our team has done this thousands of times. In order to make sure of this, you only need to write the name of the company Algedra to read a lot about customer opinions and also to see a lot of designed and executed projects.

dining room design

Moving on to the second point, the interior designer will ask you and get to know you more closely and accurately, because this is your home, and the reflection of your personality, your favorite colors will see widespread throughout the house. Therefore, you need to start choosing a special color palette for the design.

Choose three to five colors that will be the highlight in your home. If you are not sure, choose a color based on the feel you want for your home interior design. And if you want inspiration to choose this color, all you have to do is look at your wardrobe, and in the first place you are fully aware of what you love, but you need a taste that shares your opinion and choice, and here comes the role of the designer too, and once the decision is made go room by room as they will each require different proportions of the colors you've chosen. Additionally, colors may vary in their saturation degree. Here are the basic color schemes for home interiors: 

1- A monochromatic scheme limited to one color, including light tones and dark shades. This palette is well suited for the interiors of the Scandinavian home.

2- Similar scheme, it refers to colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Green, light blue, and blue are similar colors.

3- Supplementary Scheme refers to colors opposite each other. Blue, orange, green and red are contrasting and perfect for eclectic or bold contemporary interiors. And as a small complement  to our conversation, you have to take an important thing into consideration, when carrying out the implementation work, you must choose the quality that suits your choice of colors, and the local and foreign market is full of many excellent options with its quality.

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Decoration doesn't have to cost a fortune. However, impulsive, inexpensive purchases often lead to chaos with unsatisfactory results. Instead, save for something that will last decades rather than something that will fade away in a year or two. Create a budget and a savings plan, and then you can spend it on flooring items such as the sofa, dining table or chairs. This is the third tip that interior designers will tell you about as one of the secrets of success.

After completing the preparation of the general character of the pattern and colors, the choice of materials and one of its basics is the furnishings comes and here you can discuss different formats. Sometimes, all that a home needs is a simple change of furniture. Consider taking the Feng Shui approach, particularly in distinct individual spaces such as the study, bedroom, and bathroom. Start planning your interior layout and then adjust it until you are satisfied.

The professional designer will tell you that the shape and height of the shelves in the interior design of the house are as important as choosing the general style and choosing the type of arches, for example, for the classic style. The interior design in its entirety and details bears the same importance and in all its stages, and the ideal portrait height and the selection of the texture of carpets, antiques and decorative pieces have the same importance. 

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If you are a painter and want your home design to be perfect then you definitely know how to display your artwork and how to make sure it is hung at the correct height at eye level which is about 57 inches from the floor.

Use the right lights for your home interiors. The right light can bring color to life or create a relaxing atmosphere, while the inappropriate light can turn your home interior into a stark and unwelcome space. Interior designers prefer LED lights because they are energy efficient and cheap, but most importantly, they have unmatched color quality.

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Make the room appear larger than it is, using the illusion and some tricks to deceive the eye, for example, choosing vertical lines extending from floor to ceiling gives the impression of spaciousness and height. In addition, floor-to-ceiling curtains can make the room feel extra luxurious. Keep the decor within a reasonable proportion of the space. For example, use a narrow shelving unit in the bathroom to avoid creating a feeling of crowding. Shiny things give the tight spaces the ideal perfection while we might use a slightly opaque finish for larger spaces.