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The Illumination world is very lively. Illumination adds charm and beauty to the decors and designs. It can easily transform a place from dull and boring into a charming attractive place. It transforms a stone to masterpieces and glass to diamond in home interior.

Decorative wall lighting is very famous in the modern decor, gives the room a distinctive look. It makes the furniture shiny. The illumination has transformed from being an important functional factor into an aesthetic factor in the modern decor. Modern decors nowadays emphasize the importance of illumination because it is part of our daily life completes the décor which is a very important factor in any design commercial or residential.

ALGEDRA designers pay attention to the illumination as they do for the other details in a design to highlight the beauty of the home or the unit internally and externally. ALGEDRA designers’ advice some elegant ideas to increase the elegance of the interior designs:

Decorative wall lighting

1. Using wall globes to decorate the corridors and entrance and distribute them in an elegantly organized way so they give artistic illuminations.

2. Use patterned globe so it would reflect their light on the wall with nice artistic forms such as:

  • Illuminating the walls with luxurious golden globes decorated with a crystal that is suitable for the classic room design, so it will shine in the whole room.
  • Simple globes made of plastic, metal or glass that suit the modern designs.
  • Globes made of metal that suits with metal furniture. They add romance to the atmosphere and many of them are designed for candles or to use lights of certain sizes, this kind of globes create a wall portrait.

3. Wall gypsum drawings, that have invisible empty spaces the lighting is included in them to complete the decorating line of the gypsum portrait.

4. Distribute wall lighting in eastern lanterns on the sides of an eastern portrait or an old rustic mirror.

patterned globe

5. Wall lighting positioned above the room frames to make them shine beauty and elegance and lighting the sides of the room to make it spacious.

6. The soft wall shows the wall drawings and adds a special touch on the decor pieces, it also highlights the artistic line that exists in the decors. ALGEDRA designers’ advice of such illumination for a romantic atmosphere in the room.

7. Paying attention to distributing illumination in a new way while taking into account changing the heights. You should use a tool to control illumination from low to high because some places the wall needs only one light it is better if it lights from and artifact and it must light up the whole place.

8. The new glittery colors that light up when dark are a great way to draw on the walls. You can use them for the adults and kids bedrooms because they are safe and healthy.

Wall lighting positioned

9. The wall gaps decorations are old style decorations, and recently an independent decor that can make you transform a dull wall to a magnificent wall portrait, by adding internal lights in it or displaying family photos or artifacts.

10. Floor lighting to illuminate the walls you can distribute the lights on the cold corners through spotlights that light up the corners and ceiling in the artistic way it gives a height of the ceiling and makes the place look spacious.